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Tiffany lamps and church windowsThe traditional uses for stained glass could not be more opposite, but let’s face it, both are not super-relevant to modern home design at the moment. So when Etsy named the style as one of the most popular gift ideas of 2019, we were intrigued. A bit of digging on the platform soon opened up a world of colorful glass nothing like its predecessors.

According to Etsy, searches for stained glass are up 69 percent in the past six months.This renewed interest has given way to a new generation of glassmakers. “Etsy sellers are putting a fresh spin on the time-honored material, creating modern iterations of traditional holiday staples–from menorahs to nativity scenes,” says Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson. Two such twists in particular, suncatchers and mobiles, happen to also make great holiday gifts. We scoured the marketplace for the best hidden gems; whether you have an artsy friend or just someone notoriously hard to shop for on your list, we think they’d definitely appreciate any of these. Who wouldn’t love a shimmery wall hanging that reflects rainbows all over their walls?

The Technicolor Statement

Stained Glass Suncatcher, Etsy ($62)

For drab rentals where you’re not allowed to paint, bring character home via a ROYGBIV suncatcher. “When it comes to styling, shoppers can create a twinkling effect by placing their stained-glass items next to a light source, whether it’s a sunny window or a candle,” says Johnson.

The Holiday Scene

Modern Stained Glass Nativity Set, Etsy ($125)

Traditional holiday decorations not your thing? This nativity set looks more like a contemporary sculpture. No need to take it down come January 1—just leave it propped up on your mantel. 

The Minimalist Find

Stained Glass Hanging, Etsy ($30)

This hand-cut geometric design in a trio of muted tones is as simple as it gets. Hang it up by the front door to make your entry feel more special as you pass it every day. 

The Elegant Mobile

Modern Stained Glass Mobile Suncatcher, Etsy ($64)

Mobiles aren’t just for nurseries anymore. When you can’t wire a pendant lamp over a table, for instance, this color-blocked piece is an equally eye-catching alternative.

The Window Treatment

Formations Stained Glass Sun Catcher, Etsy ($70)

Who needs curtains with a jewel-tone hanging like this one in the window frame?

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