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It’s the season for spring cleaning! Open those windows, do a deep clean, and say goodbye to those dust bunnies cramping your style. Mercury is retrograde for the first half of the month, which is optimal for rethinking, rearranging, and revamping our living spaces. Don’t know where to start? Here’s some cosmic guidance to help you freshen up the home vibes.


March 21-April 19

With Mercury retrograding in your sign, you’re going to be feeling its effects the most. You might find yourself more self-aware of how you are showing up in the world. First impressions are everything for you, which is why you’ll be starting with your entryway.

After power-washing the front porch, you can give your front door a bold makeover by painting it lemon-yellow. What do you see when you first walk in the door? If you don’t have a dog to greet you, how about an eye-catching planter? Replace the doormat with a new one and try placing a bench near the door with plenty of room underneath so that you can give that pile of shoes a new home. Think of your refreshed entryway as the perfect place to get it together for someone who is always on the go.


April 20-May 20

This month can be a deeply reflective period, ideal for going through those tucked away boxes of long-lost mementoes. Pulling everything out from under your bed will be as cathartic as reading your old journal, so if procrastination has gotten the best of you, now is a great time to finally reorganize the basement or attic.

Condense the things you want to hold on to and then let your creative vision guide you toward masterfully organized closets. We’re talking shelves, crates, braided baskets, even those fancy velvet hangers. For someone who’s already got a killer wardrobe, who knew you could possibly be even more pleased when you open your closet each day?


May 21-June 20

While you’re usually content with the piles of magazines on your coffee table, now is the time to tidy up before all of your friends come over next weekend. You’ll be extra social this month, so revamp the living room to make it a better space for more people to mingle.

After you wipe down the baseboards, you realize how great the couch looks away from the wall and rearrange the entire room accordingly. And now that the room has a new personality, you can finally justify ordering those red throw pillows you’ve had your eyes on forever. Once you’ve adjusted the light fixtures and alphabetized your bookshelves, you can create a totally new display on the coffee table—because for you, boredom is never an option and you’ve got to keep things fresh.


June 21-July 22

Career opportunities are coming your way this month, so get ready to move on up in the world by busting out your telescopic duster and attack those hard-to-reach areas. Free the ceiling fans from dust and move on to the cabinet tops. While you’re up there, you’ll rediscover that vintage rose-colored glass vase you forgot about.

However, your main focus will undoubtedly be your office. Declutter your desk, reorganize the drawers, and update the family portraits you always keep in view. Top it all off with that vase and some flowers to energize your focus as your career continues to blossom.


July 23-August 22

This month, you can reconnect with your desire to read or meditate more, so now is an excellent time to finally create that zen corner you’ve always imagined. There could be an area of your home that isn’t being utilized to its full potential—whether it’s a corner or an entire room—so repurpose that space to become your designated chill pad.

Carve out a cozy reading nook with a Scandinavian style low-to-the-ground cushioned platform to keep you rooted while your mind soars. And before you unroll your yoga mat, gather a small collection of crystals and succulents to create a serene setting (don’t forget the smudge stick!). Keep the area minimal to give yourself a sustainable sense of calm—the ideal escape for someone who is full of enthusiasm and but needs their lounge time, too.


August 23-September 22

You are getting clear on some big decisions this month, so you will without a doubt be spending some time contemplating life from your bathtub. You decide to replace the window curtain with some hanging plants to offer you both privacy and natural light. But now, you can see everything.

We know you clean the bathroom every week, but now is a good time to tend to the nitty gritty—clean out the drawers and cabinets to minimize and condense necessities. It’s probably time to replace those bathmats as well. If you’re wanting to paint or retile, snag some samples and make your decision at the end of the month. And in the meantime, let that sweet satisfaction of perfectly organized shelves hold you over.


September 23-October 22

With relationships being a big theme for you this month, you’ll want to reenergize the room where the magic happens: the bedroom. You understand that relationships require a certain creative upkeep to keep the magnetic sparks flying, so switch up the scenery by moving the bed to the adjacent wall or swapping out the décor that’s grown dull on your eyes.

Invite some warmth with cedarwood scented candles or create a moody bedroom glow with just the right lampshades on the bedside tables. Sheer drapery offers a playful vibe during the day and can be ultra-sensuous at night by arranging a string of tiny lights behind them—while also giving you all the reason you need to stay in bed all weekend.


October 23-November 21

This month, you’ll be focusing on the small habits that set you up for success each day. They say that breakfast is the most important meal, which spurs you to realize that it’s time to finally do something about your pantry. We know you always go all-in, so put fresh lining on all of the shelves, put the larger items in baskets, and funnel all of your bulk items into matching glass storage jars.

The name of the game is organization, so let this theme carry over to your kitchen drawers and refrigerator, too. Realizing that you begin each day in your kitchen, your gears are turning on how you could give the cabinets some more flair. A fresh coat of paint? Some fancy new hardware? But before you fully commit, do your research (you’re good at that) to make sure you choose the perfect uplifting combo.


November 22-December 21

You’re a free-spirit as it is, but Mercury retrograde will be nudging you to lighten up and find even more excuses to play. Have a blast painting that bold accent wall you’ve always wanted and lay down a funky rug to add more texture in your kitchen. Now is an excellent time to reimagine the kids’ rooms if they have outgrown the current motif.

Give the minibar an update with some flask-shaped decanters to store your liquors and switch up the wall behind it with a catchy mirror. Tie the scene together with a perky plant in a ceramic vase before inviting your friends over for cards and cocktails on Friday night—because your place is without a doubt where all the fun should be had.


December 22-January 19

While your ambitious sights are usually set high, this month is all about your nourishing your foundation—that is, your roots, your home at large and your family. Give your floors some extra love with a homemade herbal wash or brighten up the rugs with a quick shampoo. If you’ve been thinking about getting the hardwood refinished, now is a good time to get some estimates before committing to the job.

You know that sturdy coffee table that has been in every apartment you’ve ever had? If it tells you it’s time for a makeover, bust out the sander and give your old standby a fresh look—because you of all people understand that the old stuff is built to last and worth every bit of love.


January 20-February 18

With Mercury retrograding in your realm of communication and transportation, we can’t promise you’ll be on time to work each day or understand that cryptic text, but we can ensure the smooth transition from room to room in your house. Give some extra attention to your corridors and staircases. They always seem to be an afterthought, but now that the boot scuffs have accumulated on the backs of the steps, it might be time for a quick paint touch up (after hours of meticulously applying blue tape).

Update the wall decorations with some locally made artwork or find the perfect runner to add some vibrancy. You’ll be happy you did, as you’re someone who needs the freedom go where they want, whenever they want, and without any hassle.  


February 19-March 20

You’ll be more tempted to splurge on new furniture this month than anyone else, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. We are often cautioned against impulse-buys during Mercury retrograde, but if that raggedy chair needs to be replaced with a wider, cushier one, all is well.

Go ahead and treat you and your home to the items you’ve been lusting after—like that lambskin rug or even that vintage dining set you pass in the antiques store window everyday before work. Plainly, you’re in the mood for a mini spending spree that will help you achieve those comfy chill vibes in your home. And for someone who is always putting others first, do not hesitate to follow your whims this time!

Catherine O’Neill is an astrologer and writer who is all about those organization hacks. Check out more of her work here.

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