Photography by Brittany Ambridge Photography by Jose Espinola

domino’s second Instagram contest, launched in October, garnering over 1,500 amazing submissions. The winner—Lynn K. Leonidas, a design project manager at interiors firm Susan Collins Weir—has crafted a home in San Francisco’s Castro District that embodies the domino aesthetic: chic, inspired, and accessible. It’s filled with playful prints, modern photography, and some laid-back Northern California vibes. “My home is ‘so domino,’” Leonidas says, “because it’s layered with old and new and filled with personal pieces made by local artisans.”

Photography by Brittany Ambridge Courtesy of Bogus Studio

Leonidas shares her 1,000-square-foot apartment with her husband, Andrew, who runs Beat Electric, a soul-reissue record label. “We needed a beautiful, functional space to showcase our collections,” Leonidas says. “We made it all work with carefully scaled furniture and a sound floor plan.” She explains: “Without forgoing formal furniture, I’ve been able to make our home fit our lifestyle.” 

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

An antique secretary desk contains a growing collection of vintage books.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge Courtesy of Bogus Studio

“It feels like a cocoon,” Leonidas says of the couple’s petite bedroom.

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