Photography by HOUZZ

The lack of an actual foyer shouldn’t be the deciding factor on whether or not your space can have an entryway. We rounded up a few clever tricks and decorating ideas to help you make an entryway out of nothing! Here’s how.

Photography by michael wiltbank

Appoint a chair to double as a catch-all, to hold just a day’s worth of gear.


For the more rustic aesthetic, lean a ladder against a wall to drape on shoes and accessories.


Photography by DESIGN COMB

The ultimate entry for the modern minimalist: four evenly-spaced hooks for just the bare essentials.

Photography by ANTHROPOLOGIE

Set the faux entry apart from the rest of the home with a bright wall paint or wallpaper.

Photography by DESIGN SPONGE

Mount a single shelf along the wall and pair with a mirror and a handful of hooks.

Photography by 204 PARK

Add seating such as a simple bench or chair, to help further reiterate the purpose of the spot.


Photography by MYDOMAINE

Designate an entry by the door with a rug – big, small, long, colorful, modern, vintage,  the possibilities are endless!