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If you couldn’t already tell from the fluffy coats, flannel bedding, and seasonally spiced beverages, autumn is quickly morphing into winter, and, with it, Sagittarius season is here in full force. Beginning on November 22 and running until December 21, Sags’ time to shine makes every zodiac sign feel a boost of luck and good cheer. Ruled by Jupiter (planet of fortune and expansion), they are the adventurers of the zodiac, destined to wander all corners of the globe while befriending pretty much everyone who crosses their path. (Just try to resist a Saggie’s goofy charm, even if they do sometimes lack subtlety.) Dinner parties and lively debates are favorite activities, making holiday hangouts extra fun this time of year. Sags also crave open vistas the way the rest of us crave coffee, so get ready to find yourself bookmarking travel sites and green-lighting the places topping your travel bucket list. Here are our picks for the essentials you need to channel your best Sagittarius self, no matter your star sign.  

Essential Cabin Suitcase, Rimowa ($700)

Known for their love of exploration and get-up-and-go spontaneity, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sagittarians live to travel. They always have their next getaway planned, from a quick weekend escape to a months-long expedition. If you’re inspired to book a last-minute trip this month, you’ll need luggage that can stand up to life on the road (think: Rimowa’s glossy polycarbonate suitcase with TSA-approved locks and a smooth multi-wheel system).

Sun Glacier Glasses, Izipizi ($80)

Specially designed for skiing and mountaineering, these Category 4 UV-protection sunglasses are the perfect eyewear for getting the sign’s sporty style this winter. Wear them on and off the slopes for that leisure-cool look Sags do so well.

Nike React Element 55 Sneakers, Nike ($78)

This restless sign would never be caught without on-the-move accessories. Represented by the centaur, with an arrow pointed at the horizon, they need to be able to gallop off at any moment. A pair of pastel kicks work in any setting, from gym to office to weekend brunch.

Multi Check Scarf, Acne Studios ($280)

Lovers of the outdoors and sweeping nature scenes, Sagittarians don’t let the cold weather interfere with getting their nature fix—and this super-soft mohair and alpaca scarf from Scandi cult favorite Acne Studios is made for cozying up in.

Find Me by André Aciman, Amazon ($16)

There’s nothing the sign loves more than being transported to new places–even in their mind. If you, like a true Sagittarian, fell head over heels for the bucolic Italian backdrop of Call Me by Your Name, add the recently released sequel to the book, Find Me, to your holiday reading list. 

Mini Candles, Homesick ($16)

For those times you can’t be a nomad, these fire sign–friendly mini candles instantly evoke different places with their location-inspired scents (from  gardenia-laced New Orleans to zippy grapefruit-infused New York City).  

3D Zip Set, Baggu ($34)

The centaur never knows where it will end up. Prepare for a nontypical day when anything can happen with this trio of pretty floral zippered pouches, which keep all your necessities organized.

Travel Tonic by Dr. Singha, Cap Beauty ($18)

Sagittarians’ penchant for wanderlust is almost as legendary as their rejection of jet lag. (How else can they squeeze in trips every weekend or maximize that eight-hour layover in Rome?) If you could use a little extra help with what Sags are seemingly born with, this travel tonic will have you feeling fresh and revitalized (thanks to notes of lemon peel and ginger root), no matter where your adventures take you this season.

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