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Home should be your happy place—now more than ever. Head to the #MakeYourselfAtHome hub to find tiny projects, feel-good recipes, and clever decorating ideas to make each day a little bit brighter.

With everyone stuck inside these days, scrolling through nothing but unsettling news (and admittedly, some pretty cute dog content), it’s no surprise you’re probably feeling more stressed than usual. Each of us copes with tension in different ways, but our star signs can give us a glimpse into how best to do so.

And while any of these de-stressing techniques could work for just about anyone, we’ve paired each one with it’s most compatible zodiac sign. Because no matter if you’re a cozy-seeking Taurus or a hyper-imaginative Pisces, we could all use a little relaxation right now.


Crazy Sexy Wool Bundle, Wool and the Gang ($173)

As the self-starters of the zodiac, Aries are known for diving headfirst into new projects but not necessarily for finishing them. They usually de-stress by releasing pent-up energy, so try decluttering your to-do lists (like finishing the knitting you started last year) and tackling the piles in your house to keep your days active and dynamic. 


Carina Bathroom Storage Table, Urban Outfitters ($89)

Lounge-loving Taureans, who often prefer their bed or cozy couch to social gatherings, are experts at the art of unwinding, so lean into the extra alone time you’ve always craved. A bathroom side table is the perfect place to set a book, a candle, and a face mask for easy access while you’re mid–bubble bath. 


These Ghosts Are Family, Amazon ($17)

Wordsmith Geminis might need extra help unwinding these days, as their minds tend to move at breakneck speed. Escape into a book with just the right amount of cultural and intellectual stimulation: Try These Ghosts Are Family, a debut novel by Maisy Card, about a Jamaican family spanning generations. Throw in a few daily crossword puzzles, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for relaxation. 


Printworks Photo Album, Anthropologie ($43)

Though homebodies at heart, sensitive Cancers are also prone to high levels of anxiety, especially during times of uncertainty. Staying connected to your family (even if they’re only in the next room) and feel-good memories will keep you calm and centered. Scrapbooking is the ideal nostalgia trigger for moon-ruled crabs to let their creativity shine. 


Bamboo Dinner Plates, Poketo ($48)

Outgoing Leos are likely taking self-isolation particularly hard, and so for this fire sign, the best way to let loose is through social interaction. Plan a Zoom dinner party, complete with a special tablescape. Invite your friends, far and wide, to connect over a hearty glass of wine and delicious food. And as an attention-seeking sign, you’re obviously giving the toast.


Hot Hot Hot Yoga Mat by Julia Walck, Society6 ($39)

Virgos need structure to make them feel secure. While it might be natural for you to make plans and lists to fill your days, take a minute to observe how your body is handling stress and uncertainty. A daily meditation coupled with a 20-minute yoga practice (we recommend these!) will help center your body and mind, and give you the mental clarity you require to feel stable.


Mohair Throw, Abc Carpet & Home ($262)

Libra, ruled by Venus, is the sign of relationships, romantic or otherwise, so unwinding is all about intimate connection. Cozy up on the couch with a loved one and a particularly soft blanket, then lose yourselves in a favorite movie. 


Lemon Queen Sunflower Seeds, Terrain

Scorpios are all about transformation, growth, and rebirth, so try focusing your energy on bringing new life into the world via a plant. Caring for seeds as they morph into their final form will give you deep satisfaction and the added bonus of being able to mull over your intense thoughts while you tend to them. 


Frank Lloyd Wright Memory Game, Galison ($20)

Unwinding is not usually a part of the Sagittarius vocabulary, but with everybody stuck indoors, you’ll have to try your hand at staying put for once. Play a game that’s as colorful as it is stimulating—it’s the perfect way to engage your mind, which, coincidentally, is exactly how you best chill out. 


Piscine Lunar Notebook, Papier ($27)

Levelheaded and ambitious Capricorns feel at peace when they’re getting things done. Try placing a planner or journal next to your bed in order to jot down all your grand ideas, and keep an eye on your to-do list to quiet your racing thoughts. You’ll be able to breathe easy when you know you’re on track to reach your goals. 


G3 Massager, Theragun ($349)

As the zodiac’s resident humanitarians, Aquarians like to pitch in for the greater good. Investing in a brand that donates a portion of its proceeds to charity—like award-winning massage device company Theragun, which has partnered with Feeding America to donate 250,000 meals to those in need—will make you feel both physically and emotionally at ease. A bonus: The elite design has just enough quirkiness to satisfy your love of the unique. 


Ceramic Watercolor Paint Palette, Love Adorned ($65)

This dreamy, imaginative sign needs a variety of creative outlets to fully detox from all of the collective anxiety they’ve no doubt soaked up. Carve out small portions of your day to be as artistic as possible (even if it’s not your typical go-to hobby). Put on your favorite music and set up an easel for splatter painting—or go for watercolors if you’re not keen on the mess. Translating your vivid imagination onto the page will clear your head, freeing up space for the many dreams your Neptune-ruled sign is known for.

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