by Michelle Gage

If you don’t want to sacrifice taste at the hand of calorie counting, try this 170 calorie recipe. This skinny sipper is topped with cool whip and chocolate chips – so you know it’s good!

This vegetarian, gluten-free shake is one healthy option. This shake is made with ice cream and milk – best served after dinner.


All natural ingredients, like bananas, spinach and avocado blend to make this tasty treat! Add peppermint extract and fresh mint leaves and you’re on your way to a thick and creamy concoction.

With just five minutes and five ingredients, you can mimic a McDonald’s milkshake. This sweet treat is the perfect refresher for St. Patrick’s Day. Topped with whipped cream, this high-quality option will make you pinch yourself.

Anyone up for a skinny shake? Mixed with frozen yogurt and cashew milk, you’re just a few steps away from a quick blend and pour of this slimmer option.

Die-hard Shamrock Shakers, rejoice! This option is plenty minty and certainly boozy. Combine a few simple ingredients – vanilla ice cream, fresh mint leaves, Branca Menta and Irish Cream Liqueur – for a childhood favorite with an adult kick.


If you’re dealing with diet restrictions at the hand of your little picker eater, this is the drink for you. Made with mint and avocado, this green dream is packed with good-for-you produce.

This paleo-friendly option doesn’t do food coloring. The great green shade comes from mix of avocado, mint and coconut milk. Shaved dark chocolate on top makes this the mightiest milkshake around.

Packed with protein and low in fat, this is the perfect post-workout treat. Made with wholesome ingredients, this minty magic is your new addiction.