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I was first introduced to it the way I have been introduced to many things: It was standing before me on a cluttered shelf in a local HomeGoods. Yes, I found Boleslawiec pottery at a discounted price in an overstock home decorating store and not—in spite of what my last name might suggest—through some familial heirloom collection or a trip to my ancestral homeland. Still, I loved it immediately.

Bolesławiec pottery is made—understandably—in Bolesławiec, a city in the southwest of Poland that’s also known as Miasto Ceramiki or the “town of ceramics.” The signature stoneware ceramics are typically blue and white and come in varied patterns, with a “Handmade in Poland” stamp on the bottom for authenticity.

That certain combination of cobalt blue with white has the potential to feel a little too traditional for my tastes, but it’s the designs that make this pottery unique—some of them even date back to the 1890s. Florals are tightly knit, leaving little negative space, and peacock-inspired polka dots are positioned in hypnotic circles. All together, it’s perfectly organized chaos.

A handful of factories produce the high-quality pottery (which doesn’t necessarily come cheap, even running a relatively steep price when discounted at HomeGoods), and the bowls, plates, vases, and dinnerware sets they create come in a neat range of styles that are perfect for mixing. For more of a traditionalist, a simple matching set can be a dramatic touch in a dining room. For a maximalist, Bolesławiec can be the perfect key to crafting a mismatched collection of pottery that still manages to look put together.

Personally, I dream of owning a diverse set of Bolesławiec dinnerware far more than I fantasize about getting my own set of high-end, all-white china. Though growing up I connected to my Polish heritage at most through the homemade pierogi on our dining table during Christmas and Easter and the tradition of singing “Sto Lat” on birthdays, embracing a time-honored Polish design in my own home feels particularly special.

I want my space to reflect who I am more than I want to embrace practicality or versatility, and it feels that one of the best ways I can do that is by amassing a pottery collection that comes in vivid blues and soft creams, accented by golden browns and the occasional splash of red. I want peacock feathers and flowers and designs that feel almost—just almost—a little too much. Simply put, no plain white plate is calling my name.

Shop my favorite Bolesławiec pottery below.

Polish Pottery 8″ Plate Peacock Leaves, Ceramika Artystyczna ($14)

The peacock pattern is one of my favorite Bolesławiec designs. This plate displays it in a refined way.

Blue Violet Bubble Mug, Blue Rose Pottery ($15)

Another great quality of Polish pottery is its high-quality weightiness that makes a mug feel just right in your hand.

Peacock Scallop Serving Bowl Set, Blue Rose Pottery ($85)

Whenever I get around to hosting cool dinner parties for all my friends, I want to serve up my cooking in these dishes.

Vintage Boleslawiec Four Cup Ceramic Milk Pitcher in Peacock Pattern, Etsy ($29)

This vintage milk vessel makes a compelling case for throwing a tea party.

Polish Pottery Bowl with Brown Eye Pattern, Etsy ($24)

Imagine this: It’s fall, and you’ve just picked up a bunch of apples at the farmers market. You put them in this vintage bowl—now isn’t that just dreamy?

10″ Dinner Plate (Sky Blue Border), The Polish Pottery Outlet ($34)

A sea of blue flowers makes this plate totally covetable.

Polish Pottery 8 Oz Mug Midnight Dream, Ceramika Artystyczna ($18)

This simpler, hand-painted design is my kind of minimalism (aka, not really minimalism but a nice break from more maximalist options).

Indigo Blue Aneta Dessert Plates Set Of 4, World Market ($40)

Instant hack for making your food look prettier: Put it on a perfectly mesmerizing blue plate.

Polish Pottery “Daisey” Plate | Polish Dinnerware, Etsy ($38)

Just a touch of light green gives this floral option a springtime feel.

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