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Now is the time to upgrade your outdoor space. Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a fire escape–turned–patio, the best accessory is one-size-fits-all: planters. With July upon us, potting your homegrown seedlings is a great task to check off your list (as long as your watering can is nearby). Greenery always makes a space feel homier, so why not give your seedlings the perfect home, too? From classic terracotta to funky terrazzo, we’ve gathered our favorites to inspire your next outdoor overhaul. 

Speckled Planter by Caudex, Caudex ($225)

This two-piece planter features a drainage hole to get rid of excess water and a removable bottom for emptying.

Aged Scallop Planters by Campo De’ Fiori, Campo De’ Fiori ($24)

If you’re going for a Secret Garden vibe, look no further. These scalloped planters bring just the right amount of vintage to any gardenscape. 

Abelia Footed Ceramic Planter by Bloomist, Bloomist ($48)

A wide range of greens, from succulents to fig trees, can call a no-frills ceramic planter home. 

Stacking Planter by Chen and Kai, Coming Soon ($78)

Probably the most Instagram famous of them all, the stacking planter belongs in any millennial’s home as long as you’re okay with it stealing the show. 

Etch Pot by Capra Designs, Verishop ($69)

If you’re a plant parent and an art lover, this pot with a hand-etched design is the perfect way to bring some creativity to your collection. 

Gabrielle Silverlight Dash Pot by West Elm, West Elm ($85)

Think of this option as the quirky younger sibling of the planter family—its funky design is unique but not overpowering.

Rattan Planter by Urban Outfitters, Urban Outfitters ($59)

Bring boho style to your backyard with this tubular rattan piece, which is as eye-catching as it is functional (it has a drainage hole at the base). 

Terrazzo Planter by Yield, YIELD ($24)

Terrazzo is always a fan favorite, and this moss-hued vessel is no exception. Place it on your balcony or even in your living room for a pop of nature indoors. 

Plot Large Planter by Blu Dot, Blu Dot ($299)

Sleek and modern, powder-coated aluminum takes this planter to the next level. 

Dell All-Weather Planter Bowl by Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation ($63)

Withstand the elements with a durable weatherproof option, perfect for a season-shifting space. 

Giant Scalloped Planter by Matilda Goad, Matilda Goad ($85)

Matilda Goad’s bright scalloped planters are the ideal home for low-key plants looking for an aesthetic boost. 

Napa Hanging Bowl Planter by Root & Vessel, Root & Vessel ($11)

Want to bring the outdoors in? A hanging planter is the answer. These from Root & Vessel even have a self-watering feature for optimal plant health. 

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