If you’re an aspiring plant parent but don’t quite know where to start, we’ve got good news for you. Thanks to dozens of online nurseries, adding a bit of lush greenery to your space just got a whole lot easier. But while buying plants online is certainly convenient, how much cooler would it be to have beautiful options sent to your doorstep on a consistent basis?

That’s where plant subscription services come in. Chose from one month, three month, or yearly plans, and instantly breathe new life into your home or apartment. With selections of fresh, trendy houseplants, succulents, and more, these innovative services are sure to satiate your green thumb.

  Plant Parent Club from The Sill $34/month

The Sill believes that all people are plant people, and they want to help grow the love they have for their expertly selected potted plants by sending them to you on a monthly basis. As a member of their exclusive Plant Parent Club, you’ll receive either one plant and a fun tool or accessory, or three smaller plants, along with access to their extensive online workshops that will help you take care of those new plant babies.

  Plant of the MonthClub  from ProPlants starting at $129.99/3 months

With nationwide delivery, ProPlants’s

Plant of The Month Club

program is all about filling your home with the “excitement and color that only grows from a pot.” Chose from a program lasting three, six, or 12 months and receive fresh, long-lasting plants to match the season in the most festive or stylish pot to match.

Succulent Studios $10/month

Score some sweet, easy-to-care-for succulents with Succulent Studio’s deal. Each month you’ll get two freshly grown, California-bred cuties to place on your windowsill, kitchen counter, or dining table. The best part? Hearty succulents have been proven to produce a healthy dose of oxygen, and added benefit.

My Monthly Plant  by My Garden Box $21.50/month

These monthly plants each come with a unique decorative planter that’s different every time. From beautiful live plants to seasonal bulbs, each come in My Garden Box’s house-blend soil. Chose from a plan of  one, three, six or 12 months, and they’ll automatically be delivered to your door.

  Bloomsybox  starting at $39.99/month

Got a loved one you’d like to impress? Bloomsybox delivers farm fresh bouquets in a variety of sizes that are hand picked for you each month. The premium flowers are sourced from all around the world—South Africa, Holland, France, California, and South America—and arrive at your door in just 48 hours.

HeyHorti $25-$35/month

City dwellers, this one’s for you. Horti has specialized monthly plans that are designed with the concrete jungle in mind. And if you’re not based in NYC, that’s great, too. Horti has plans that also ship nationally. They even thought of pet-friendly subscription, so both you and Fluffy can enjoy the extra indoor greens.

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