Published on October 30, 2018

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Courtesy of Emily Senior via Instagram
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Courtesy of Pavigres Ceramicas

Why have one pattern when you can have six? Or ten? Or 17? There is a way to incorporate all your favorite prints and drawings into one space, and it’s called the collage wall. Somewhere between micro-tiling and patchwork wallpaper sits this fun design idea—perfect for DIY-ers and creatives wanting to add an entirely personal touch to their space.

The beauty of a collage wall is that you can fashion it out of pretty much anything: a slate of blank white tiles and a palette of your favorite paint colors. Even an old coffee table book, where the binding may be worn but the pages deserve a prominent place in your home and wallpaper samples accrued over time, from various renovation projects. Go as big or as small as you like with this idea, and have fun.

Here are some of our favorite spaces that have mastered this decorative style.


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Artist and designer Maude Smith hand-painted every single tile in her bathroom (she does commissions, for all interested parties) and the attention to detail is acutely evident in the intricacy of each drawing. Bugs have arguably never looked more beautiful.  

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Courtesy of Behang Site

Comprised of what looks like vintage illustrations, this accent wall is the perfect accompaniment to an equally vintage sofa. Play off of the tonal properties of the wall with like colors when it comes to your accent pieces—in this case, the throw pillows—for a cohesive finish. Pops of reds and greens breathe life into this living room.


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A new way to DIY wallpaper. All that’s needed is tape and a cool book you don’t mind dismembering for the purpose of wall art. Try scouring your local flea market or second-hand bookstore to find a storied gem with vibrant pages fit for an accent wall.


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Another way to try your hand at the book page collage wall is to space out the pages so a border forms between them; almost like tiling. These gorgeous botanical prints by artist Ferdinand Bauer are expertly laid out to allow the pale blue wall paint to peek through, adding some nice contrast to the space.

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Courtesy of Topps Tiles

In lieu of a uniform kitchen backsplash, opt for something more original by curating your own collection of individual tiles. For the frequent traveler, this is a particularly great option. Hunt for interesting and colorful tilework in each new place you visit for an assortment of globally inspired pieces that come with a story.

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