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My cat loves to sit on the sofa, but only one in particular: the perfectly worn-in, soft-cushioned sofa that takes up residence in my parents’ living room. The decidedly more angular, not-quite-so-soft love seat that sits in my apartment’s common room, however, is not of interest. Her tastes are discerning, but I can’t blame her. After all, the best sofas are soft, cushy, and plump—the fluffier, the better.

While you might encounter sofas in more relaxed office environments or co–working spaces, their true purpose is one that’s leisure driven. You sit on the sofa to binge-watch Killing Eve. You sit on the sofa to hang out with your friends and family. You sit on the sofa to scroll through your Twitter feed or to finally download that app that Gen-Z has gone absolutely bonkers over. The best kind of sofa, then, is one that’s extremely comfortable.

The best sofa, in fact, looks a whole lot like a giant éclair.

Seriously! Think about an eclair: It has rounded edges, and when it’s made right, it’s nice and fluffy. And in spite of its crispy exterior, inside it’s perfectly soft and creamy.

You might as well be comfy in your sitting room, den, or living room. So why not do that with the help of one of these pastry-like sofas?

The Marshmallow Puff

Carmen Sofa, Urban Outfitters ($599)

Why, yes, this sofa does bear a striking resemblance to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man or, hey, even the Pillsbury Dough Boy’s doughy belly. But its neatly defined seams keep it looking perfectly put-together.

The Classic Cloud

Cloud Sofa, Moooi ($8,046)

Moooi’s Cloud sofa got its name for a reason. Its puffy, cumulonimbus-like structure makes for extra-comfy chill-out time. In this model, a black-and-white tweed exterior gives it a bit of unexpected texture, too.

The Long Lounger

Denver Sofa, Anthropologie ($1,259)

You know when you’re sharing the sofa with someone and your leg accidentally slips in between the cushions? That won’t happen with this model: One extra-long cushion makes for ideal horizontal lounging. Sleeping on the couch might actually be pretty tempting.

The Minimal Cushion

Grant Sofa, Urban Outfitters ($1,499)

Look, Ma, no hands! This Urban Outfitters sofa is proof that the comfiest ones don’t even need arms. Pillow-like cushions make this minimalist design perfect for movie nights.

The Sheep

Logan Grey Boucle Sofa, CB2 ($1,599)

When paired with the perfect shape, bouclé upholstery makes sofas look extremely high-end. This CB2 option comes with a moderately reasonable price tag of $1,499 but passes as something you’d see in a luxury showroom. A bit of postmodern Italian flair is always chic.

The Velvet Underground

Newman 230, Munna (Price upon request)

A slight swayback, velvet upholstery, and vivid turquoise hue make this sofa fit for your own private theater. Double up on the popcorn: The Hollywood Regency–inspired piece might just inspire you to turn your movie night into a marathon.

The Comfy Cot

Teepee Sofa, Lucy Kerrien for SCP ($3,885)

In the development of this piece, designer Lucy Kurrein “created a design that works with the natural behavior of fabric, rather than against it.” That’s why the back cushions of this sofa are held up by one long piece of material. In your lounging process, you’ll feel totally supported.

The Gentle Wave

Nico 78″ Fabric Sofa, Kardiel ($947)

For an under-$1,000 option, Kardiel’s velvet three-seater holds a lot of promise. Plump cushions provide a perfect nest for the whole family, while low, sloped arms make it easy to dangle your legs off the end. Cuddle sessions aren’t mandated, but suggested.

The Rounded Edges

The Sofa, Floyd ($1,490)

On top of this sofa’s simply structured base, a few big cushions—and some rounded arms—make a comfortable place to hide away for the night. Cancel your plans and order some food: This is where you’ll want to find your respite from the day.

The Loaf

Strudel Sofa, Loaf ($1,571)

There’s definitely a reason why this British furniture brand is called Loaf: Nearly all of its sofas feature deliciously overstuffed cushions. This model, called the Strudel, balances extra-large cushions with slightly angular arms for pastry-inspired perfection.

The Slipcovered Sofa

The Dune, Maiden Home ($2,425)

Forget what you thought you knew about outdated slipcovered sofas: Maiden Home has proved that they’re definitively chic—especially its Dune model. A long, seamless bottom cushion and a cascade of throw pillows make the ultimate pairing for a cozy night in.

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