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If it seems like there’s a new trend every two seconds, you’re not going crazy. Between popular colors and of-the-moment materials, there’s a lot we cover here on Domino in the spirit of providing inspiration and variety…but we have to admit, not all trends are created equal. There are certain ones that we’re ready to tuck away safely in the past, along with the ill-fated avolatte and velour Juicy Couture tracksuits.

Of course, expressing your personal style is always more important than following trends, and we’re not ones to advocate being beholden to what everyone else is putting in their homes. It’s 2019, and if you want to install bright purple wallpaper around your house, go for it. However, there are a few styles due for a refresh; if you’re in the market for something unexpected and new, keep reading to discover the decor trends we’re ready to retire, and what to try instead.

Goodbye: Whitewashed kitchens Hello: Colorful, unique spaces

Starburst Tile Removable Wallpaper, Chasing Paper ($40)

There’s something undeniably clean and beautiful about an all-white kitchen—but while we’ll always have a soft spot for the style, it’s time for a fresh look. A change as simple as a coat of paint can do wonders for transforming a room into something entirely new. Be it via the walls or the cabinets, try introducing a punchy hue into your kitchen to liven it up.

Take a page from the English and try a monochrome look, painting your cabinets and walls in similar shades of the same color. Or give your kitchen a completely custom look with a really cool, bright backsplash. For a low-lift, renter-friendly update, DIY a backsplash out of removable wallpaper.

Goodbye: Millennial pink Hello: Muted and moody shades

Tasseled Washed Linen Quilt, Zara Home ($299)

“I’m ready to say goodbye to millennial pink and make way for other equally dynamic hues. I’m all for seeing muted yellows and moody shades of lilac take the spotlight,” says digital editor Anna Kocharian. We’ve seen the ice cream pastel trend fully take off in recent years, broaching options like subtle seafoam green or dusty lavenders as alternatives to the perennially popular millennial pink.  

Goodbye: Regular wallpaper Hello: Murals

Wall Decal Colored Terrazzo, Etsy ($50)

While we’ll obviously never be over wallpaper, it no longer holds a monopoly on paint alternatives. Equally as interesting is the mural trend, which may require more patience but is totally worth it, in our opinion. Ask a local artist, try your hand at a smaller drawing, or recruit a particularly creative friend to paint a completely bespoke image or pattern in your space. Alternatively, fake it with a painterly wall decal. It will create a much more custom feel than wallpaper, given that you picked out every element (from color to pattern placement) yourself.

Goodbye: Gallery wall Hello: Large-scale art

“U” Art Print, Society6 ($61)

Tired of gallery walls being the go-to for dressing up an empty rental wall? You’re not alone. Invest in a larger piece (or DIY one!) to fill the void instead of relying on a smattering of smaller frames.

Goodbye: Fiddle-leaf fig Hello: Pampas grass

Dried Pampas Grass, AFloral ($24)

The beloved green plant had its moment (and by moment, we mean years) in the spotlight, but it’s time to move on to a plant of a different color. Literally: Pampas grass, a pale silvery-hued plant, makes a convincing case for ditching your greenery in favor of something cooler and more subdued. Try using a couple branches as a centerpiece or grouping a bunch together in a large vase for an instant way to dress up an empty corner of a room.

Goodbye: All-white minimalism Hello: Punchy patterns

Dulce Pillow, The Citizenry ($135)

Similar to white kitchens, we’re ready for a bit more adventure in all areas of home design. Embrace the wilder side of decor by opting for print-heavy pieces and saturated accents that bring a playful edge to a space—even if that edge is as simple as a patterned throw pillow. Check out bloggers like Justina Blakeney for endless amounts of maximalist inspo.

Goodbye: Pineapple prints Hello: Yellow

Gingham Sunflower Napkins, Heather Taylor Home ($82)

The unofficial-official color of summer is more than a seasonal fad. Going on years of yellow’s reign in the color spotlight, it seems this sunny hue is here to stay. If you were drawn to the playful whimsy of the pineapple motifs of yore, keep that lighthearted vibe going with a few new yellow accessories. Give your front door a fresh lick of paint to brighten your space, or spruce up your tablescape with some vibrant linens.

Goodbye: White subway tile Hello: Fun and unique tiling

5 Arch Tiles, SSS x Concrete Collaborative ($115)

We know, we know: Subway tiling is a classic design for a reason. It goes with pretty much everything and is a safe choice for both bathrooms and kitchens. But there’s more to tiles than just this pattern. “I get it, subway tile is timeless; but I’m hoping to see people take more tile risks (which is something we’re already starting to see!),” offers social media editor Alyssa Clough. “If you’re here for the all-white look, it’s as simple as arranging it in new, interesting ways.” Whether you branch out with colorful tiles or try a different shape, like geometric tiling or fish scale tiles, there’s a whole world of options out there to get creative with.

Goodbye: Faux fur Hello: Unexpected textures

Calathea Medallion, The Sill ($59)

“I’d like to bid adieu to faux fur accents and sheepskin rugs. I think they’ve just become our go-to answer for adding warmth and texture to a space. From patterned plants to braided accessories, I’m hoping the year is full of unexpected surfaces that stray from the conventional,” says Lydia Geisel, our digital editorial assistant. Try a woven wall hanging as an unexpected alternative to traditional art, and opt for layered vintage rugs or materials like velvet and linen as substitutes for sheepskin rugs and throws. And, of course, you can always bring in extra texture via some cool new greenery.

Goodbye: Accent walls Hello: Statement light fixtures

Natural Woven Oblong Pendant Lamp, Target ($142)

Make a bold move by picking up one (or a series) of statement light fixtures; be it massive hanging pendants or lighting that doubles as art. You don’t need to have high ceilings to cash in on the statement light trend either—try a funky plug-in sconce or larger table lamp if you live in a smaller home or a rental that doesn’t allow you to make drastic changes to the interiors. All the style without any of the commitment. It’s a win-win.

Goodbye: Conventional white marble Hello: Unusual uses for marble

Salt + Pepper Set, H&M ($9)

Bring this typically opulent material home in an unexpected fashion, via a kitchen tool or bookshelf decor that doesn’t usually get to enjoy this luxe style. One cool way to jazz up traditional marble? Hop on board the green marble trend, which can be used in a multitude of ways, from kitchen counters to chic trays. And, of course, marble contact paper is always a budget-friendly method to cover every surface in your house…even your notebooks and laptop.

Goodbye: Terrazzo Hello: Rattan

Ria Rattan Bed, Urban Outfitters ($949)

We admit: We’re not ready to say goodbye to terrazzo quite yet—but there are other retro materials that should also have their moment in the sun. Chief among them is rattan or, really, any woven texture. Rattan is definitely enjoying a renaissance, so much so that it has made its way into the trendiest chair of the year. The beachy vibe the material gives off is ideal for warmer temps, but it can also be made more formal with the right silhouette and strategic accent piece placement. To avoid it feeling like you’ve brought patio furniture indoors, try out rattan or wicker in fresher ways; for example, as a bohemian bed frame.

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