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Photography by ELLOS

2017 has had its merits, but it’s also been the year of the avolatte and other questionable trends. Between popular colors and of-the-moment materials, not all trends are created equal—a mantra that certainly holds true for Domino Editors. Here, our team reveals the trends they hope to see go in 2018 and what they’re replacing them with.

Photography by LENA LIDMAN

Goodbye: Millennial pink

Hello: Muted and moody shades


“I’m ready to say goodbye to millennial pink and make way for other equally dynamic hues. I’m all for seeing muted yellows and moody shades of lilac take the spotlight in 2018.” – Anna Kocharian, Digital Editor

Photography by ETSY


gallery wall

Hello: Large scale art


“I’m hoping for an end to the gallery wall era. Of course, I currently subscribe to this trend, but in 2018 I’m looking forward to large scale wall art replacing my constantly crooked frames.”

– Amanda Johnson, Digital Content Strategy Manager
Photography by THE JUNGALOW

Goodbye: The all-white look

Hello: Fun wallpaper

“I’m all for saying goodbye to all-white or one note bedrooms and replacing them with something more exciting, like accent wallpaper walls or some unique tile patterns. Minimalism had its day, but it’s definitely time to embrace the wilder side of things.”


– Nikhita Mahtani, Digital Editor
Photography by SEAN LITCHFIELD

Goodbye: Pineapple prints

Hello: Yellow

“I’m definitely over the pineapple decor—wallpaper, art, bar accessories, throws, pillows, etc. But since I love the color yellow, I want to see more of yellow everything!” – Hayley Squire, Email Marketing Manager




Subway tile

Hello: Fun and unique tiling

I get it, subway tile is timeless, but I’m hoping to see people take more tile risks in 2018 (which is something we’re already starting to see!). If you’re here for the all-white look, it’s as simple as arranging it in new, interesting ways.

– Alyssa Clough, Social Media Editor
Photography by GEO FLEUR

Goodbye: Faux fur


Hello: Unexpected textures

I’d like to bid adieu to faux fur accents and sheepskin rugs. I think they’ve just become our go-to answer for adding

warmth and texture to a space. From patterned plants to braided accessories, I’m hoping 2018 is full of unexpected surfaces that stray from the conventional. – Lydia Geisel, Editorial Intern

Photography by THE LOVELY DRAWER

Goodbye: White marble


Hello: Unusual uses for marble

While I love the look of white marble for its ability to add a luxe finish to just about anything (plus, it’s the ultimate Instagram flat-lay backdrop), it’s starting to feel a bit played out. Since I don’t think the trend is entirely going away anytime soon, I’m hoping to see marble expand into a broader range of colors, textures, and unique uses in 2018. – Mackenzie Dunn, Editorial Intern

Photography by KAHINA

Goodbye: Bad, boring candles

Hello: Candles that do more


The candle craze, which is a weird thing for me to say being a lifestyle editor as our currency is practically candles. There are SO many candles out there in this world, and I feel as if many don’t really have a vision or point of view. Instead, give or purchase a candle that has an identity (and maybe isn’t sickly sweet smelling too).

Some brands do candles so well it’s a joy to smell and look at them: Anything Byredo (simplicity and scent turn into an art form) or Cire Trudon (historic, bold, and luxuriant) is gorgeous. Or brands that give back but also smell good while doing good, like Starling (which gives solar energy to places in the world without access to power) or the special collaboration Ulili for Kahina (which helps Moroccan female artisans who cultivate argan oil). You’ve got to fight for your right to good smelling candles (that have a purpose).

– Kristin Limoges, Associate Lifestyle Editor
Photography by MEGHAN MCNEER

Goodbye: Terrazzo

Hello: Rattan


Unpopular opinion: I would be totally ok with the death of terrazzo. Instead, my summery material of choice is rattan—or really, any woven texture. I love the beachy vibe it gives, but also how it can be more formal if you choose the right silhouette and are strategic with your accent pieces. – Elly Leavitt, Associate Digital Editor

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