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If you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve soiree this year, don’t fret. Decorating your space for the occasion can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. You can get a sophisticated, romantic look this year without even having to resort to glitter. From recycling decorations from Christmas to rearranging items you already have at home, these chic, doable decorating ideas are sure to impress your guests.

European Dinner Celebrating New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be all about glitz. Instead of metallic streamers, opt for something inspired by the European countryside. Your snacking foods or appetizers don’t have to be piled high next to a champagne pyramid. Instead, display them simply on cutting boards and and neutral plates to give your evening an air of cozy warmth.

Bouquet Garland Don’t put away any bouquets, wreaths or garlands from Christmas just yet. You can give these pieces a second life for your next party by adding some additional elements or changing their locations. Switch out any red or green accents, add some new florals, and try stringing them together in bunches to make them more playful. We love how these bunches are adorned with pink velvet ribbon and strewn across the piano for a party.


Add Some Shimmer If you’re stuck on the idea of having some shimmery elements at your party, there are fun and easy ways to do so. Rather than going all out with glitter dipped champagne bottles, try something minimalist like metallic star confetti. Sprinkle some of this down your table or your serving area to bring some of that sparkle you were missing before. You still get the same effect without the looming task of having to clean up glitter the next day.

Minimalist Tables We’re big believers in less is more, even during a holiday known for extravagance. This neutral table is understated yet still festive. The paper centerpieces paired with white Christmas lights is a fun representation of flowing champagne. Throw some cute paper straws in your glasses to make the overall theme even more fun.

Giant Confetti If you aren’t planning on having a sit down dinner, but opting for a laidback get together, this confetti is screaming your name. Use a variety of papers, and cut out circles. Tape these to your walls, and it’ll look like giant confetti exploded all over your home. Aside from being a colorful way to decorate, it also creates a great backdrop for photos.

Seasonal Vignette Keep some of your Christmas decorations out for additional holiday cheer. Gather your sleekest accessories in one area to create a festive vignette. All you need is a New Year’s banner to differentiate the holidays.


Sleek Party Make your party dark and moody with gray and black rather than silver and gold. Use a black tablecloth to create the perfect palette to play around with while setting your table. Black and charcoal hued balloons are a simple way to decorate, and add dark candlesticks to your table.

Monochromatic If you’re not a fan of moody decor, try something bright and monochromatic instead. This white on white setup is all kinds of cheery without even trying. The best part? You can mix and match things you already have in your home. There’s no need to run to the store at the last minute to make purchases when you can set a table like this.

Bubbles on the Wall This project never gets old. Get some champagne colored balloons in a variety of sizes and simply tape them onto the wall near your drink station. Not only is this project easy, it’s also extra budget friendly.

Bohemian New Year Having an intimate affair? This bohemian take on New Year’s Eve is perfect if you’re spending it along with a significant other or a few close friends. Pillows on the floor, shag rugs, and dark hued floral arrangements will be the most relaxed way you ever rang in the new year.


Floral Disco Have some fun with shimmery elements, but not in the traditional sense. This disco ball placed haphazardly on the floor is a fun way to incorporate cliche decorations without it being overwhelming. Paired with this mantlepiece floral arrangement and glowing candles, it’s the perfect way to add some shine.

Minimalist It’s important to remember to stick to your general style when decorating for a party. If you’re a minimalist who loves clean lines, do so with your holiday decorating, as well. Simply spelling out a phrase or a word with balloons can have a major impact, and it’ll give your guests the perfect Instagram opportunity.

DIY Balloons Both children and adults will love this fun decorating idea. If you’re on a budget or can’t figure out what you want your general theme to be, this is the perfect option. Simply get white mylar balloons, and turn them into clocks. Create a bunch, and set them to different times leading up to midnight.

Table Setting Accents Use different accents on your table and around your home when you’re hosting a party. We love the way these succulents and feathers add to a dark tablescape. You can achieve a whimsical, romantic look with pieces like these.


Celestial Pinatas Don’t forget to make your party fun! While eating and drinking with your loved ones is more than enough, an extra little activity never hurt. These moon pinatas are the perfect decoration to add a celestial vibe to your night, and they’re also a fun game for both adults and kids.