Published on December 19, 2018

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Photography by MAX WANGER

It goes without saying that a New Year’s Eve party wouldn’t be complete sans a handful of the staples: spirited cocktails, sweet treats, and enough glitter and confetti to warrant a serious cleanup effort the following day.

But for all the hype surrounding the night—not to mention the planning that goes into it—the last thing you want is to be scrambling the day of with last-minute preparations.

Luckily, we rounded up a curated array of our go-to party essentials and decorations that are guaranteed to make your fete the best one yet. The fact that these finds ring in at $50 or less is merely an added bonus. Ahead are the festive pieces every New Year’s Eve party deserves.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Iridescent Honeycomb Decor Set, Urban Outfitters, $18

Trade your disco ball for this iridescent set and relish in its beautifully understated, lustrous finish.

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Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

Britta Optic 3-Gallon Punch Bowl, Crate and Barrel, $39.95

A punch bowl is necessary, especially when you’re serving big-batch cocktails, which, let’s face it, is quite necessary.

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Courtesy of Amazon

Metallic Rainbow Tinsel Curtain, Adorox, $6.49

Consider this the backdrop every party deserves. Tack this up on a bare wall—a doorway will work just as well—and allow it to double as the spot for photos.  

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Courtesy of CB2

Iridescent Champagne Flute, CB2, $3.95/ea

These aren’t your ordinary champagne flutes. We’ll be toasting to the New Year with these iridescent renditions come midnight.

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Courtesy of Bando

Push-Pop Confetti, Thimblepress, $34

Yes, the cleanup will be less than ideal, but the 0.3 seconds of bliss that will ensue upon popping these will surely be worth it. Probably.

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Courtesy of Anthropologie

Sugarplum Garland, Anthropologie, $48

A festive garland that can stay up past the holiday season is a major plus—this pretty plum version will do the trick.

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Courtesy of Meri Meri

Marble Napkins, Meri Meri, $6.50

Festive napkins should be a staple of any party, and a well-designed set all the more. This marbled version combines color and pattern in one blissful finish.

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Courtesy of Bando

Rose Gold Disco Ball Tumbler, Party Store, $35

We’re always here for a touch of whimsy, especially when it comes in the form of mini disco ball libation vessels.

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Courtesy of Sugarfina

24K Rosé Swizzle Stick, Sugarfina, $8.50

If this isn’t the most fitting or festive alternative to the standard cocktail stirrer, we don’t know what is. This pairs well with your favorite bottle of bubbly.

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18” Marble Balloons, Oh Happy Day, $6.50

We’re leaving clear, confetti-filled balloons behind in 2018 and embracing these vibrantly marbled versions for a more statement-worthy effect.

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Courtesy of Year & Day

All Day & Night Dip Dishes, Year & Day, $26

Pair these dainty dip bowls with garnishes for the evening’s cocktails and set them out on the bar cart for a design-forward detail.