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We’ve become accustomed to storing our liquor and various cocktail-making accoutrements on anything that has wheels. And while bar carts come in handy when you need to move your refreshments from point A to point B (whether to free up space or serve guests in another room), they tend to soak up an unnecessary amount of room. So small-space dwellers, take it from Nate Berkus: Any tabletop or flat surface can be a bar.

“Fact: A drink becomes 50 percent better when served from a chic bar—and a good at-home bar doesn’t have to be complicated,” the designer wrote in a recent Instagram post showing off his own laid-back setup. Berkus went on to share his formula for piecing together a libation station atop a simple console or side table. Here are three things yours is probably missing.


A small lamp that throws glowy light not only sets the mood but helps you see which bottles you’re grabbing (Berkus’s woven pick is from 1stdibs). 

Meaningful Mementos

“Grab some decorative objects you already own,” says the designer—the second part is especially crucial. Hanging a framed work of art and peppering a few shells, rocks, or knickknacks you’ve collected is a free way to add some personality. 


Berkus gathered his vintage carafes on a large silver tray to designate the drink-making zone. (Psst: One of those glass bottles can be used for water or as a premix pitcher, he notes.) Even his zester, spoons, and bottle openers are in their very own container. Cheers to fewer messes and more space. 

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