We are not immune to the siren call of a personality test. Who doesn’t want to discover their ideal vacation spot based on their favorite side dish or what their wedding cake flavor should be according to the Friends character they most identify with—even if they’ve never seen Friends? Of all your options, the Myers-Briggs test is a more legit diagnosis than most. While we’re not suggesting basing large life decisions off its results, there are some situations where having this information can come in handy. Situations like picking your ideal paint color. 

This is because a) choosing the right hue is highly stressful (so. many. swatches.) and b) color is highly subjective. What one person might find calming, another person might find depressing; it’s all very individualistic. This may be the one instance where a personality test actually relates to real life. We turned to an expert for some clarity—which are the best paints for each of the 16 Myers-Briggs types? Meghan Stewart, a certified color consultant with Paintzen, had plenty of insight.


Quiet, practical, and dependable, the ISTJ type is all about logic. If this is you, pick a pure white; it’s the ideal crisp backdrop for a distraction-free environment. “White walls are the most practical choice for the person who wants to carefully select artwork, furniture, or wall-coverings for their home,” says Stewart. After all, white goes with everything.

Chantilly Lace, Benjamin Moore


ISFJs thrive in a harmonious, orderly home environment where mid-tone neutralslike beiges and taupes, reign supreme. “These traditional colors are tried-and-true, which appeal to these loyal people,” says Stewart, pointing to trademark traits like responsibility and conscientiousness as the tie-in. 

Morning Ritual, Backdrop


Pink is definitely a color to consider for those who are passionate and tend to focus on their relationships,” explains Stewart. We’re talking to you, INFJs. According to the rosy tone you pick, you can either foster a soft, cozy vibe (evoking compassion) or a bright one (inspiring strength). 

Rose Quartz, Jolie Home


This type is highly driven, fiercely independent, and known for having high standards, so if this sounds like you, you might want to pick a more zen color for your home, like greento help you chill out. “Green is a great color for people who are somewhat introverted,” says the color expert. “This color can also create a relaxing environment for those focused on getting work done to achieve their goals.” 

Calke Green, Farrow & Ball


All hail the controversial greige—especially if you’re an ISTP. “Much like this personality, the color is geared toward being flexible,” offers Stewart. ISTPs are tolerant and observant, so they are sure to love this mashup for its versatility. 

Mega Greige, Sherwin-Williams


ISFPs are sensitive, conflict-averse, and kind; they’re experts in living in the moment. Capitalize on this with a cool, calming pale blue that will center you whenever you’re home. “Blues bring feelings of security and composure to any room; this type of person would love them because of the peace they offer,” says Stewart. 

Wind Speed, Behr


Beigeis apparently a universal crowd-pleaser, but INFPs will love it specifically for its adaptability and traditionality. “Perfect for the idealistic and loyal person,” says Stewart.

Summer Suede, PPG Paints


Grays are comfortable and balanced—the perfect mix of dramatic black and soft white, they’re perfect for the analytical person,” says Stewart. If this is you—focused, quiet, and occasionally skeptical—you will welcome the stability of this shade.  

Spring Thaw, PPG Paints


This type is all about energy and doing things, rather than theorizing; match this spontaneity with something bold, like purple. “Historically, this color is associated with luxury and drama,” says Stewart. “Its complexity lends itself to a number of spaces to facilitate meditation, promote elegance, and invite surprise—all of which entice this personality type.” 

Pelt, Farrow & Ball


Outgoing and accepting, this exuberant type is the sunniest person in any given room—so why not have matching paint? Go for yellow. “This optimistic and positive color would be great in the homes of people who exude happiness,” adds Stewart.

Pablo Honey, Backdrop


“Much like this personality type, orange combines cheerful yellow and physically stimulating reds, leaving you with an energetic shade,” says the expert. This splashy shade belongs in your entryway to give you a boost the moment you step foot through the door.

Sunflower, Sherwin-Williams


You’re turned off by routine, so pick a wild card like matte black. “This impactful hue is ideal for those who are outspoken and easily bored by the usual, safe colors,” suggests Stewart. Just be sure you put a good primer down before coating your walls in the dramatic shade.

Onyx, Benjamin Moore


ESTJs are practical and matter-of-fact; they prize efficiency and decisiveness. Something simple and no-fuss, like an off-white, is best; Stewart believes the creamy hue strikes just the right balance and works in a myriad of settings—if you’re a maximalist ESTJ-er, just add color through furniture and textiles. 

Timeless, Clare Paint


Aqua offers a great mix of motivating brightness and coolness that inspires peace of mind—ideal for those looking to put their energy into helping others,” says Stewart. Calling all ESFJs! 

Vacay, Clare Paint


Good news: You’re on-trend! Terra-cotta is perfect for ENFJs, being that it fosters exactly the kind of welcoming and cozy environment you crave. “This hue is ideal for those who are in tune with their emotions,” adds Stewart.

Moroccan Clay, Jolie Home


No one paints their home red if they feel iffy about it; the decision is all about confidence, which is something ENTJs have in spades. “True red is not shy when it comes to expressing itself, perfectly matching this personality type,” explains Stewart. Steer clear of bright tones and opt instead for a deeper hue to bring elegance to your space.

Eating Room Red, Farrow & Ball

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