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Published on May 2, 2020

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While every day should be an occasion to tell Mom you love her, Mother’s Day is the time to go all out with that jaw-dropping present she’ll savor forever. With an endless stream of gift guides (we’re partial to ours!) and flash sales coming your way, it’s hard to narrow down the options, but the one thing we can all agree on these days is that an easy, stress-free shopping experience is crucial. So we’ve turned to Amazon, which is currently offering fast shipping and contact-free delivery for safe, easy, last-minute shopping. Here are gift options for every kind of mom — ones sure to cement your favorite-child status. 

If She’s a Whiz in the Kitchen

Does your mother find endless joy in cooking? Well first of all, you’re lucky and probably very well-fed. If she considers herself a Top Chef, the choice is easy. Gift her some elevated basics that are anything but boring. A retro-style toaster, an army green dutch oven for all her soup and pasta needs, and a reversible cutting board are all great options. 

If She’s Most Comfortable Outside

Perhaps Mom’s happy place is the outdoors, tending to her garden and enjoying the fruits of her labor. Tools that not only get the job done, but achieve it in the chicest way possible are the way to go. From a stainless steel watering can with a unique silhouette to a hand painted stoneware planter (not to mention a starter pack with 55 seed options), all will help showcase her green thumb.

If She’s Due For Some Self-Care 

Moms are often so wrapped up in our wellbeing that they don’t always take care of their own. Encourage her to put herself first and indulge in some much-needed TLC with Dyson’s famous hair dryer (it’s worth the hype) and sweet orange, cedarwood-and-sage-scented hand wash. Or maybe it will be the fig-scented candle and Vitamin C hydration cream that inspires her to kick back and relax. 

If Her Bedroom Is Her Oasis

Mother’s Day should be the one time Mom isn’t up all night with a toddler or waking up early to make breakfast before school. Allow her to cozy up in bed and get even more zzz’s by gifting products that will turn her space into a certified sleep sanctuary. From spring’s most anticipated novel to read before bed to the cotton pajama set and silk sleep mask she’ll drift to dreamland in, these gifts are meant to create a serene scene, which is often the best gift of all. 

If She’s a Hobbyist at Heart

Help mom dive even deeper into her passions by gifting accordingly. Whether she’s an aspiring paddle tennis player (anything is possible…), tie dye master, water colorist, or photographer, she’ll know you care with a unique gift that reflects her hobbies. A warning: if you opt for the chicest Nikes around, get an extra pair for yourself. 

If She Loves The Great British Bake Off 

Even moms have the occasional sweet tooth, so why not give her something that will ultimately benefit yours, too? With a golden-hued mixer, cute matching whisks, and a cookbook for endless inspiration, you’ll never be deprived of baked goods again. 

If She Enjoys The Finer Things in Life

You can never go wrong with little luxuries for Mom–a special something she can keep for years to come that will always remind her of you. A woven leather tote sure to garner endless compliments and designer perfume with notes of jasmine and honeysuckle will certainly do the trick, or, if you’re gifting on a budget, opt for the perfect heart-shaped studs or customizable birthstone pendant necklaces.

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