Published on April 25, 2019

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While every day should be an occasion to tell your mom you love her, Mother’s Day is the Hallmark holiday to lavish her with kindness and gifts. That’s a whole lotta pressure to make the day feel special. We searched Amazon to round up the coolest, most coveted items to thank all the maternal figures in your life. And procrastinators, don’t worry—most of these picks will come in a flash, thanks to Amazon Prime. Because you can only get one “I Heart Mom” tattoo, here are 30 items that show how much you care.

If She’s a Whiz in the Kitchen

Does your mother find endless joy when baking, cooking, and grilling? Gift her some elevated basics that are anything but. Earth-toned salt and pepper shakers, a sleek cheese grater and a brilliant apple slicer (for her famous apple pie) are all great options.

If Outside Is Her Happy Place

Perhaps mom’s joyful spot is outdoors, tending the garden and enjoying the fruits of her labor. Get her some tools that not only get the job done but do it in chic fashion. From a leather fly swatter to gardening basics that are nothing short of gorgeous, help her showcase her green thumbs with these beauties. 

If She Needs to Schedule Some Self-Care

Mothers are sometimes so wrapped up in our well-being that they don’t put themselves first. Help her indulge in some much-needed TLC with luxe bathing and skincare products, including one of the most iconic hair brushes and a lactic acid treatment that uplifts tired skin. Or maybe she’ll love a cozy new Turkish towel or body oil, which will inspire her to take some time for herself.

If Her Bedroom Is an Oasis

Maybe mom treasures her sleep, allow her to get even more z’s by gifting items that’ll help her turn her space into a certified sleep sanctuary. From the chicest diffuser, which will scent her entire room with lavender dreams, to the non-habit-forming sleep drops that will help her doze off, these are gifts are meant to create a serene scene.

If She’s a Hobbyist

Help mom dive even deeper into her passions by gifting accordingly. Whether she’s an aspiring DJ (What? She could be…) or photographer or card shark or hiker, she’ll know you were listening. She could even become the next Jiro of Jiro Dreams of Sushi fame, thanks to the sushi kit you gifted her. 

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