When it comes to finding the gift for Mom this Mother’s Day, it’s hard to think outside the box. A heartfelt card is never the wrong move, but this year we want to go the extra mile. So we’ve asked our editors to spill on the exceptional gifts they’re giving their moms this holiday. Turns out they’re even better than we expected. From a straw hat to a smart diffuser, go ahead and make mom proud with the sure picks in the slideshow ahead.

Elaina Sullivan Style Editor

“My mom grew up on a farm and isn’t one for fancy jewelry or accessories, so giving her something special is often a challenge. This year, my sister and I are creating a flower kit in her favorite palette, complete with a new garden basket, gloves, tools, seeds, etc. It’s a simple gift that will last well beyond Mother’s Day.”

SSL Must Have Floral Basic Tool Kit, $59.99; Favor Sized Wildflower MIxed Seed Packet, $7.50


Kate Berry Style Director

“My mother spends the majority of her time gardening and loves wearing white so this will keep her feeling cool as well as looking cool.”

Janessa Leoné Aisley, $250


Kristin Limoges

“(If your name is Sue Limoges, stop reading now!) I’m getting my mom an Aera this year. She’s constantly testing out candles at home to varying degrees of enjoyment (and constantly worried about the safety of them as they’re burning), and I’d love to take the guesswork out of it for her. I really like the clean smell of Vibrance, and I’m guessing mom will be a big fan, too. It’s also great because she’s a tech junkie, and she can control the strength of the smell via the app on her phone.

My mom and dad also are the temporary caretakers of my gorgeous and grumpy cat George Howard, and he’s such a handful that she deserves a little something extra, like this Chantecaille face mask, which is my go-to hydrating mask. (Moms never treat themselves to luxe face masks—do so for them!)”

Aera Starter Kit, $250


Alyssa Clough Associate Social Media Editor

“One of my favorite things to do with my mom is read on our porch—something we used to do a lot of when I lived at home! I’m going to get her a new beach towel (in a super fun color palette), so she can lounge in style through the summer.” Plum Towel, $97.99


Rachel Besser Market Editor

“My mother is very stylish, but when it comes to buying herself a new pair sneakers, she is a little clueless (sorry, mom!). These They New York sneaks are chic, and will mesh with her sophisticated wardrobe.”

They New York Two-Tone Low in Blush-White, $359

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Published on May 9, 2017

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