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We learn at a very early age that shiny things are good. Sequined dresses, disco balls, diamond rings, glitter art, glowing skin—the only thing that might not make the cut is bedazzled jeans. So here’s a bright idea: Take all the love you have for glitzy accessories and apply it to the bathroom. 

Unlike trendy zellige, which looks reflective when the light hits the glaze just right, glass mosaic tile shimmers 24-7, no help needed. The color of each individual piece varies slightly from one to the next, giving the sheets a lit-from-within quality. They’re everything a traditional white subway is not: eccentric, adorably tiny, and meant to mesmerize. These six options were designed to outshine the rest. 

The Galactic One 

Laguna Iridescent Indigo 2×2 Glass Tile, TileBar ($12.95 per square foot)

This indigo arrangement was apparently inspired by driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, but we think it’s more reminiscent of the moon landing than Laguna Beach. One thing is for sure, though: The addition of water will only make the rainbow-like sheen more trippy. 

The Groovy One

Glow 11, Bisazza (Price upon request)

While the company attests that this product, despite its name, does not actually glow, we beg to differ. Closer examination reveals undulating waves, which won’t lose their dizzying appeal over time—the mosaic is resistant to fading. 

The One That’s Like Jewelry 

Rainbow Love Beads, Susan Jablon ($24)

Seventeen(!) different glass tiles, in a rainbow of shades and assortment of shapes, go into each of these funky sheets, which remind us of strung-together bracelets. P.S. The beaded blend can be customized at the company’s studio in upstate New York. 

The One That’ll Leave Guests Green With Envy

Tambourine Traps Gillespie Green, Artistic Tile ($45 per square foot)

Emerald screams luxury and indulgence—basically everything we could ever want out of a bathroom. Swath your shower walls in this angular glass to add a little bling.

The Frosted One

Barrels 245 Cashmere, Sicis ($20 per square foot)

Enter a new dimension with this penny tile. The coin shape combined with the chilly blue color will make a room look like its covered in ice (or if you really want to let your imagination run wild, diamonds). 

The Illuminating One

Celeste Citrus Blast Glass Tile, Tile Bar ($13)

Before you write off this Citrus Blast style on the basis of not liking the color orange, consider that looks can be deceiving. The teeny squares are actually a mixture of iridescent brown, yellow, and green.

Clearly, our love for all things lustrous isn’t going anywhere.

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