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Stylist Molly Fishkin married Producer/Director Asher Levin at Paramour Mansion in Silverlake, L.A. Built in 1923, the sprawling, four-and-a-half-acre property once belonged to silent film star Antonio Moreno and his wife, oil heiress Daisy Canfield. Deliciously Gothic and incredibly lux, the estate features a large painted purple ballroom with gold chandeliers, wild taxidermy, velvet chaises and a grassy open expanse of land perfect for a farm-to-table post-ceremony feast.

After walking down the aisle to Joni Mitchell’s “Case of You,” the couple exchanged vows at twilight among their nearest and dearest, including Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Fishkin’s best childhood friends, and designers of her wedding dress and veil. The best part of the night? When Stevie Nicks—the bride’s godmother—gave a toast during the meal, and then a surprise performance of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.”

Afterwards, guests boogied all night to music spun by DJ Kelly Cole.  It is this precise mix of cool and casual that the couple carried over into their home life when they moved into a three-bedroom

1920s house

in Beverly Hills soon after. “The goal,” says Fishkin, “is to always keep things looking chic and easy.”

Here, Fishkin fills in the blanks to give us the lowdown on life after marriage.

Before I got married my apartment was kind of a mix between

flea market finds


my Grandmother’s antiques

. I lived with

the same roommate, Lori, for four or so years. She took care of me before my husband took care of me.  I was barely ever home because I was a stylist assistant and worked like a psychopath so when I was home I spent my time sleeping.

Boy, was it a


when I moved in with



I was able to cross that off the list and knew we were going to get married. 

When it comes to art, I’m

all across the board and don’t subscribe to one specific kind

. My partner, though, prefers

modern art

. The most beloved piece of art we own is

a painting of a girl by Kim McCartey


the artist herself


She came over with her portfolio, and we got to select it.

The first dinner party we threw together was a

great success

. We invited

20 of our closest friends for Asher’s birthday

and we

had it catered with good farm to table food

. The one thing I regret was


On a typical Monday evening,

I can be found cooking for my husband and my BFF Lucy

. Saturday afternoons are for

anything and everything that our 15 month old Charlie wants to do

. Sundays we

always have family day at my sister-in-law’s up the street


We mostly shop for furniture on


. My favorite item that I got there is

a gorgeous distressed Venetian mirror that’s currently in my massive storage space

. The most expensive piece we’ve purchased is

our dining table from Restoration Hardware


Family heirloom(s)?

My most coveted is the Demilune table in my living room.

The thing I’m most attached to from my single life is

a painting by Aya Takano, an amazing Japanese artist that I was obsessed with

because i

t’s of a topless girl in her underwear holding a bunch of suitcases which summed me up perfectly

. I bought it from

the now closed Tracey Ross store in LA. I saved up every penny I ever made and begged her to sell it to me.

The five items you will always find in our refrigerator are








, and



The five items you will always find in our medicine cabinet are





almond oil


vitamin D

, and

peppermint oil


I absolutely cannot get in bed at night without

flossing my teeth


The registry item we can’t live without is

my Vitamix!

My favorite room in the house is




it’s just so cozy and bright and spacious and airy with amazing light

. I spend a lot of time

going through my closet

in there.

When it comes to housework, I am the one who always


. My partner, on the other hand, insists on


. The one thing we can’t agree on is

what music is playing while we’re doing it

. He prefers

aggressive rock or rap

and I prefer either

nothing or very smooth jazz


The three best organizational tricks I’ve learned are:

  1. Slim hangers

  2. Hanging your jeans not folding them. One pair per hanger!

  3. T-shirt fold where you triple fold it to allow for more room 

When it comes to money, our biggest challenge is

how to save it


I like to spend on

clothes and shoes

, but he cares way more about



The most important piece of advice I would give to newlyweds is

to be patient with each other.

Never, ever compromise when it comes to

what music is playing in the car!

In 10 years, we hope for our home to be


filled with tons of



My design aesthetic is three words is




, and



My partner’s is




, and



Our most memorable fight at Ikea was about

I don’t think we’ve ever been!

One thing no one knows about our home is

that I wanted to live there many many years before we got it. I always drove by and was obsessed with it. When I got the call that the previous tenants were finally moving, I signed the lease without ever seeing the inside.

I hope our Airbnb guests don’t find my


. They’d probably

smoke it!

Flowers by Flower Firm Los Angeles Ceramics by Lucy Michel 

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