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The warmer weather has us all thinking about plants—and where to put them. Inside or out? Before we move permanently outdoors, let’s look for some cosmic guidance on your May must-haves for spring.


March 21 – April 19

You’re a busy one these days! You’re putting in the extra hours this month, and luckily you have the determination and resourcefulness on your side to not only help you keep up, but you might even be able to take the lead and steer the ship in your preferred direction. Stay persistent as you set yourself up for your best life.


And most importantly, enjoy your weekends to their fullest with some much-needed downtime. Soften down to earth by focusing on simple pleasures—like these exquisite matte pastel earthenware vases. Place them in your living room, where you will undoubtedly be kicking your feet up this weekend to binge on Netflix while you decompress.


April 20 – May 20

It’s all about you, birthday babe. With your ruling planet (Venus) in Gemini, you’re feeling fly, flirty and more energized than usual. You might feel like something BIG is coming your way—and it’s true. A new job offer? A big idea? Winning an award? An exciting new normal is about to set in, so get used to this spark you are feeling.

In the meantime, treat yourself for your birthday with this beautiful piece of eye-candy by Urban Outfitters. This versatile magical half-moon planter will look good just about anywhere. Make it home to a lucky succulent and place it on a pile of books or in a low-light window sill.



May 21 – June 20

After a long winter, you hit your signature stride again—and that includes your witty remarks, charming smile, and a certain sparkle in your eye which hints that you’re up to no good.

Grouping up with others stimulates your creative thinking, so you may find yourself signing up for a summer softball league or joining a book club. Things are brightening up for you, so naturally, you want to see more color in your kitchen. Hang these lively handmade planters by Closed Mondays on the sunniest wall to allow your flowers to flourish and bring you joy all season.  


June 21 – July 22


While you are tempted to remain cozy, spring’s arrival convinces you to emerge from your shell. Like all of nature animating around you, you optimistically stretch your branches out to greet the sun. You are eager to play outside, go on bike rides, and meet up with friends on a picnic blanket (even if it’s still a little chilly). Creativity and recess should be top priority for you this month.

These adorable ceramic planters will look great on your kitchen counter until it’s safe to put them on the patio. The hand painted design is both youthful, free and simple—mirroring your vibes for the month. Fill with a strong-leafed plant like aloe, cacti, or small snake plant.  


July 23 – August 22

You’re asking yourself the big, important questions this month: Where do I see myself in two years, or even 10? May is a month of big choices. Will you take the risk and go after your heart’s desire? Or will you hang back where you know you’ll be secure? There is no right or wrong answer, but it’s an opportune time to get a leg up. So, choose one and make it the right one (for now, anyway).


Whatever you choose to do, you’ll do it awesome. So go ahead and find another excuse to indulge your reflection with these sturdy copper cachepots. Best filled with iridescent leaves and tiny flowers, place them on your dining room table for all your friends to enjoy.


August 23 – September 22

Noticing the details is one of your inherent gifts, but this month you might zoom out to glimpse the bigger picture instead. Want to finally make that Europe trip happen? Right now, you’ve got a certain edge giving you the confidence you need to go after your larger-than-life desires. You’re eager to grow, so set the goal, make a plan and stick to it.

In the spirit of travel, try these globe-shaped planters by Magnolia. Choose from two sizes to fit your needs, and make it home to a plant that can vine around the orb and down the bedpost.



September 23 – October 22

This month, seek wide open spaces and expansive skyscapes to freshen your outlook. Let all the small stuff go, and make room for fresh ideas to flow in. Take a good book to the park and sprawl out on a blanket, where you can do plenty of people watching, too.

You’re happy when everyone else is, but this month you’ll find it’s difficult to please everyone. Purposely create a harmonious vibe in your home with these adorable mini geometric vases, filled with the wildflowers you’ll find on your outdoor adventures this month.  


October 23 – November 21


Once you set your mind to something, nothing gets in your way. But this month, you’ll be more determined than ever to make your case and go after what you want. Your perception is especially deep. And while it might be true that you are one of the few brave enough to “go there,” try not to get too frustrated with those who challenge you—especially as this month places a special emphasis on partnership.

As you chip away on your projects, place these modern beaker vases on your desk. Elegant and interesting at the same time—they are the perfect complement to your very own ingenuity.  


November 22 – December 21

Trust the vibes and honor your intuitive impulses. More sensitive than usual, let your feelings give you insight to what you need. You are paying extra attention to what’s healthy for you this month—in every aspect of your life. Listen to your instincts and adjust your day-to-day lifestyle accordingly.


If you feel like you might need a new planter or two to enliven that corner in your kitchen, try these on-trend Hanging Geo-Planters by Anthropologie. Create a whimsical look with a cascading plant—like string of pearls or English ivy—to veil the pottery and emphasize the metal frame.  


December 22 – January 19

Staying true to yourself should be top priority this month. If you would rather stay home, light candles and take a relaxing bath, do it! But here’s one good reason you should agree to go watch the game with your friends: You could potentially meet someone important this month—perhaps a new romantic partner, or even someone who can act as a bridge to help you reach your next goal. And another good reason to go out? As usual, you’ve been working hard and now you need some space to let loose.

Classy, beautiful, and strong, this Raj Gold Hanging Planter is the perfect addition to your home. Fill with flowing philodendron and place this beauty where it can catch light.



January 20 – February 18

Big changes are at work behind the scenes for you, and the buildup is palpable. You’re on the verge of a big break-through, which can make you a little anxious. But overall, this is an exciting time for you. So whether you’re high on life or feeling high strung, maintain a nice balance of creative outlets, socialization and relaxation.

Remain rooted while you reach with this Frédéric Malphettes Trellis Vertical Garden. It’s future-forward and meets your appreciation for all things “out there.” Try morning glories if you are feeling brave or hops if you want to keep it chill.  


February 19 – March 20


With boundless energy available to you this month, you’ll be more outgoing than usual, leading you to fill your evenings with plans. Thought provoking artistry and conversations with friends fuel your own innate creativity. Who knows, you and your friend might collaborate on an idea too good to pass up.

As your mind illuminates, match it with these light-catching stained-glass planters—ideal to hang in front of a large window, and exactly where your adorable air plants would love to hang out.

Catherine Urban is a writer, astrologer and yogi who can’t get enough of the blooming trees this season. Check out more of her work here


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