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Nate Berkus isn’t afraid to go against the grain (even if it means disagreeing with his husband and fellow designer Jeremiah Brent).

Chairish, the online marketplace for vintage decor and furniture, recently gathered a crew of our favorite celebrity designers to play a game of “love it” or “hate it.” Berkus, Brent, Bobby Berk, and Leanne Ford were just a few who were present for the fun. Each designer was handed a two-sided paddle and asked to weigh in on popular design trends. Ford captured the heated debate on her Instagram Stories.

While we weren’t surprised to find that the majority of the group was firmly against flameless candles (although, Berk made a powerful case for restaurants and windy days), when asked about matte black hardware everyone came to a positive consensus—err, that is with the exception of Berkus.

screenshot by domino, courtesy of Leanne Ford Instagram

screenshot by domino, courtesy of Leanne Ford Instagram

“You hate it? Sick of it?” Chairish cofounder Anna Brockway asked Berkus. His face says it all. “I mean, I don’t hate iron—real iron—but I’m tired of matte black,” he confidently declared. 

We tried to contain our confusion as the shocking news sank in. Tired of matte black? Where does he stand on glossy black? If iron is cool, what about oil-rubbed bronze? What does this mean for modern-minimalist kitchens? We’ve become totally unhinged. 

In our search for answers, we fell down a rabbit hole of chic black hardware because, hey, we’re not ready to take sides just yet. As it turns out, there’s a knob, pull, and hinge for everyone to love—including Berkus.

If you stand with the majority…

Mid-Century Peg Cabinet Knob, Rejuvenation ($9)

These matte mid-century-inspired pegs are a sophisticated and decidedly safe choice. After all, you’ve got Ford and Brent in your corner. 

If you’re a black sheep and proud of it…

Hudson Knob, Anthropologie ($10.00–$20.00)

We can see why Berkus’s preferred black hardware of choice is iron. The slight imperfections in the metal give it character.

If you’re cool and sophisticated but still love color…

Balls Stone, Superfront ($30)

These smooth marble knobs are bound to leave any designer green with envy.

If you’re a hands-on learner…

The Cassidy Loop Pull by Lamborn Studio, Etsy ($18)

Matte black can work wonders from a visual perspective, but when it comes to texture, leather delivers.

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