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Photos courtesy of the Container Store x KonMari

Letting items go is a big part of Marie Kondo’s now-famous KonMari tidying method: If it doesn’t bring you joy, it’s time to say goodbye. But that doesn’t mean the pro organizer wants things to go to waste either. While designing products for her first collection for the Container Store (available online through konmari.com and thecontainerstore.com on January 11 and in store on January 15), Kondo prioritized materials that are gentle to the environment, like eco-friendly bamboo, ceramic, recycled fiberboard, and wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. “The cycle of consuming and discarding is inevitable in our daily lives, but I felt this was one way to reduce the impact of that cycle,” she says. 

Sustainability is at the core of the 100-plus-product assortment, but so is longevity. The various bins, trays, boxes, and drawer dividers are meant to help you stay organized after you’ve put in the initial effort. Here’s a peek at some of the items we’re coveting for January, plus a few tricks from the pro herself that are worth trying. 

Streamline the Fridge

Photos courtesy of The Container Store x KonMari

Not long after moving to the U.S., Kondo had an epiphany at the farmers’ market: By transferring produce into her own reusable containers on the spot, she could cut down on plastic and cardboard waste. “I thought a lot of the packaging was unnecessary,” she recalls. When she’s back at home, she’ll decant the food items into uniform ceramic jars. 

Overstocking is the biggest mistake Kondo sees people make in the kitchen. Luckily, these canisters aren’t supersize, so you only end up buying the groceries that you need. “It’s important to take inventory of all the perishables you have inside your house and manage all of those expiration dates,” she notes. “It will simplify and streamline the organization process.” 

White Ceramic Bulk Canisters, The Container Store ($20)

Be Detailed With Your Drawers

Photos courtesy of the Container Store x KonMari

To truly maintain a tidy home, every single item, including awkwardly shaped things like bottle openers and whisks, needs to have a home address. Ultra-compartmentalized in-drawer trays help with that. “You know instantly where each item goes,” she says. “It becomes automatic.” 

Section Off the Things That Don’t Stand Up

Photos courtesy of the Container Store x KonMari

While the KonMari method encourages you to store things vertically so that everything is visible, not all items can stand upright. For tricky office supplies like paper clips, USB drives, and memory cards, Kondo suggests using small hikidashi boxes to separate them. The same goes for personal accessories like hair ties and sunglasses—a little division goes a long way.

Hikidashi Small Organizer Boxes, The Container Store ($40)

Start in the Closet

Photos courtesy of the Container Store x KonMari

We all know January is the biggest month for organizing—but where do you even start? In your head, says Kondo. “Visualizing your ideal lifestyle will actually help you through the tidying process,” she says. Once you’ve done that, go into the closet and sort your clothes first. (The open bamboo boxes in the collection feature soft liners that protect your things and hide them from view.) Then move on to books, papers, small miscellaneous items, and sentimental objects. There’s no turning back on your resolution now. 

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