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During a year when everything seems out of the ordinary, we don’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of holiday shopping. But once again, Marie Kondo is here to help. The tidying sensation recently shared her 2020 holiday gift guide, and we couldn’t help but notice that many of the products we’re eyeing from her list are made by Japanese organization brand Yamazaki

The company, which makes simple, no-frills home goods, offers everything from the umbrella rack you never knew you needed to laundry room organizers that help with runaway socks, but after scrolling through Kondo’s recommendations, we were mesmerized by the kitchenware. Here are the five items that we’re hoping to get this holiday season.

Digital Tidying Box by Yamazaki, KonMari ($38)

The ultra-sleek, futuristic-looking rectangular box is meant to transform the mess of wires and cables living next to your desk or on your kitchen tabletop into a sleek electronics hub that blends into its surroundings. Made from durable, heat-resistant resin, the box can fit a single power strip with room for excess wires.

Self-Draining Sponge Holder by Yamazaki, KonMari ($12)

As all foodies know, there’s nothing worse than a soggy sponge left on the countertop. This suction-backed sponge-holder, which attaches to your sink (directing all drippage straight toward the drain), can fit up to three sponges at once, and it’s the most stylish one we’ve ever seen.

Master Organizer by Yamazaki, KonMari ($28)

Every kitchen has those bits and bobs (random granola bar stashes and leftover Halloween candy, for instance) that need a home. This freestanding shelf, made from ash wood and steel, sports a curved base made for stacking, so if you buy multiples, you can create the pantry-esque look anywhere you like. 

Cutting Board Stand by Yamazaki, KonMari ($20)

Easy access to cutting boards is crucial for any level of chef, so why not give them their own home with a stand dedicated to propping up boards—even baking sheets—of all shapes and sizes? 

Neat & Tidy Japanese Soap Dish by Yamazaki, KonMari ($10)

Frequently washing your hands is more important than ever, so meet the soap dish that will make the task a little more delightful. Thanks to elevated bristles made of silicone, excess water drains into the base, allowing for a slip-free grab and a clean surface to store your suds.

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