Paint can completely change the way a room looks and feels. Don’t be afraid to be monochromatic, this all-red living room can be a refreshing change if the other rooms in your home aren’t bold.

Paint color: “

Gypsy pink” by Benjamin Moore 

pretty in pink

Warm pink encourages socializing (perfect spot for girls’ night) and the bold geometric rug counters the girliness.

Paint color:

“Zephyr” by Behr

exotic retreat

A rich shade of chocolate brown steps in as this room’s focal point. Framed photos and paintings brighten up a dark wall.

Paint color:

“Bittersweet chocolate” by Benjamin Moore  

vintage classic

Creamy white walls are enhanced by the reflective surfaces like abundant mirrors and sparkly fixtures.  

Paint color: “Romantic pink” by Benjamin Moore 

punchy and bright

If you’re ready to embrace color, then take the plunge. Bold red walls tie this room together.

Paint color:

“Tulip red” by Fine Paints Of Europe

carefree living

Arrange your furniture so it’s easy to see the outdoors. The warm neutrals make your living room naturally soothing.

Paint color (walls): “

White dove” by Benjamin Moore 

Paint color (floors):

Gray cloud” by Benjamin Moore 

soft and sophisticated

Not feeling beige? That’s okay. Opt for a warmer color that we like to call “greige.”

Paint color (walls):

“Forde abbey” by Ralph Lauren Paint 

Paint color (window trim):

“Warwick lodge” by Ralph Lauren Paint 

Paint color (ceiling):

“Edwardian linen” by Ralph Lauren Paint

off the wall

A large bookshelf along a wall creates the illusion of architecture. Bright furniture pops against the dark background.

Paint color (trim and bookshelf):

 “Off-black” by Farrow & Ball 

high style, low impact

Neutral with a shot of gray. Tailored touches bring a handsome feel to a room filled with responsible furnishings.

Paint color:

Silver peony” by Sherwin Williams 

relaxing blue

You don’t need to live by the shore to inject a beachy vibe into your home’s decor. Choose softer shades of blue for your walls.

Paint color: “

Splash regal” by Benjamin Moore

mother nature

This eco-friendly living room is painted with house paint, yet it has low odor, no harmful chemicals, and no added solvents.

Paint color:

Leaf” by YOLO Colorhouse 

warm and sunny

A series or mirrors adds dazzling light and the illusion of more windows to these golden surroundings.

Paint color: “

Weston flax” by Benjamin Moore 

easy and understated

Lining things up can sometimes look stuffy. Be inventive with your set up. The palettecamel, ivory, chocolateplay together in a warm and natural environment. The chairs sit singly, the coffee table is askew, and the pillows are scattered to create an off-balance freedom.

Paint color: “

Silken pine” by Benjamin Moore

dynamic duo

A gutsy dominant color in every room creates a happy cohesive space.

Paint color: “

Cool aqua” by Benjamin Moore 

purple reign

This pale purple room is decorated with a tight grouping of small mirrors (surprising alternative to the standard big one above the sofa) and is grounded by a densely striped rug.

Paint color:

Lavender secret” by Benjamin Moore 

twice as nice

Select a color that speaks to you (most paint stores can match your fantasy hue without charging designer prices). If you aren’t sure what colors you really love, take a look inside your closet to see the hues you lean on most.

Paint color (walls): “

Burolux interior” by Fine Paints of Europe

Paint color (trim): “

Feather down” by Benjamin Moore  

Paint color (bookcase): “

Rockies brown” by Benjamin Moore 

sunshine space

Different wall colors will set a mood for each room. This buttery-yellow hue is bright but doesn’t overwhelm the room or feel silly.

Paint color (wall):

Butter” by Benjamin Moore  

Paint color (floor):


Safety white” by Benjamin Moore


Fashion’s infatuation with provocative primness has inspired dramatic yet refined interiors. Enter plum.

Paint color:

“Grape thristle” by Glidden

soft comfort

Cream-colored walls, a heap of exotic pillows, and Hunter Douglas grass-and-reed shades lend texture to this sedate room.

Paint color:

Crème fraiche” by Benjamin Moore  

sweet tart

Look closely: For the ceiling, designers mixed

white paint

with the wall pigment, which helps keep the bright hue from dominating the room. A white sofa and curtains further break up the green, and a dark polished-wood table and cozy chocolate-brown chair ground the space.

Paint color: 

“Pear” by Behr

small-space reinvention

Painting your walls is a great way to add character to your rental. Skip white and choose an ethereal blue for instant charm.

Paint color:

Windy sky” by Benjamin Moore  

fruity palette

You want a rosy color for walls but are afraid to commit to a shade that’s too dark and overpowering. Totally understandable. Choose a pale shade of coral and add trim in white for a perfect balance.  

Paint color (wall): “Day lilly” by Benjamin Moore  

fresh neutrals

A restrained color scheme unifies a room and keeps traditional furniture from feeling stuffy.

Paint color (walls):

River rapids” by Ralph Lauren Paint 

make connections

All the cabinets, molding, and window frames are painted the same shade to emphasize their continuity.

Paint color (cabinets, molding, and window frames): “

Moonlight white” by Benjamin Moore

spatial definition

Dare to take a major decorating risk?  The sky-blue trim around the window and along the ceiling injects a burst of color, which gives the room architectural anchoring.

Paint color: “

Blue macaw” by Benjamin Moore  

double up

The two blues have a slight tension that makes the combo interesting. The outlined edges of the wallspainted with a richer hueadd architectural interest in lieu of crown molding.

Paint color (walls): “

Winter sky” by Pantone 

Paint color (boarder): “

Niagara” by Pantone  

mellow yellow

The walls are the only thing yellow in this room, everything else is blue and white. The contrast makes the space feel clean, despite all of the complex patterns everywhere.

Paint color (wall): “

Popcorn kernel” by Benjamin Moore  

old-school simplicity

This room has plenty of built-in charms like high ceilings, elaborate molding, and Corinthian columns. The brownish gray color on the walls frames (and enhances) the details of the space.

Paint color (molding):

Classic” by Behr

Paint color (walls):

Mocha cream” by Benjamin Moore 

outline what’s important

The green walls grab your attention, right? The painted black lines on the otherwise plain roller blinds help draw the eye up and make the room seem larger.

Paint color (walls): “

Oregano” by Benjamin Moore  

Paint color (black shade): “

Black” (in high-gloss latex) by Glidden

Paint color (ceiling):

Ballerina gown” by Behr 

literary touch

Inspired by those pleasingly “old” looking photos, this room thrives on layering textures upon textures. And that’s where the true personality of a space comes into play.  

Paint color (wall): “Upward” by Sherwin Williams

Paint color (trim):

“Vesper violet” by Sherwin Williams

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