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After a month of getting back into your work groove and organizing every last inch of your desk (we’re looking at you, Virgos), it’s time to beautify. The sun moves into Libra on September 23, which marks the beginning of the sign’s official season. No matter what your own zodiac sign, everyone will feel the shift. During the next month, striking a balance becomes important to all of us. You’ll be especially driven to freshen up your decor and personal style, thanks to Venus, ruler of Libra and planet of beauty. In this season, social graces are emphasized and we value time spent with others more than ever. People feel happiest navigating relationships–from roommates and partners to friends and colleagues–so you’ll want your home to be as inviting as possible.  

Since decision making is not a Libra’s strong suit (seeing all sides of every situation and constantly leveling the scales is a gift and a curse), we’re here to help. These are our favorite Libra-inspired products to stock up on, from the best movie-night popcorn bowls to the chicest air sign–friendly sofa.

Balance Candle Holder, Ferm Living (£5.95), Ferm Living ($6)

As the sign of the scales, Libras draw strength from maintaining balance. Place your favorite candle in this aptly named holder to create a harmonious, peaceful space, as well as offer mood lighting for those Venus-inspired romantic nights in.

Cocoon Hanging Chair, Trimm Copenhagen ($2,696)

Diplomatic Libras are all about keeping the peace. They know how to sit back, listen, and mediate, which makes them the fairest sign of the zodiac. Take a page out of their book and carve out a space in your home for contemplation, like this hanging cocoon chair.

Small Transparent Speaker, Transparent Speaker ($550)

These glass-paneled speakers blend into any space and are an easy way to extend the airy Libra treatment to your music. Cue up that fall-themed Spotify playlist (if you don’t have one, just ask any of your Libra friends to share theirs; it’s most likely perfectly curated).

Jasper Sectional Couch, Interior Define ($2,800)

Channeling Libras’ innate charm and conviviality—the sign is ruled by the seventh house of partnerships, so nobody values relationships, romantic or platonic, more than they do—this sectional makes roommates, friends, lovers, and everyone else feel comfortable and welcome.

Mohair Color Block Cushion, The Conran Shop (£5.95), The Conran Shop ($6)

During Libra season, it might be easier for us all to better see both sides of every situation. This shaggy cushion sings of symmetry, and the super-soft mohair brings a Venus-approved texture to a nook.

Alpaca Cloud Sweater, Mansur Gavriel ($495)

As an air sign, Libras lead with their mind but love to look good doing it. This dreamy sweater is just the answer to a Libra-season-style uniform.

Marble Nesting Bowls, Hawkins New York ($60)

These nesting bowls are the ideal addition to your entertaining arsenal: They stack neatly and let guests or roommates choose their own popcorn topping when used as a serving trio. Plus, blush marble is basically a Libra’s personality in object form–romantic, luxurious, and designed to work together.

Eames Plywood Mobile, Vitra ($125)

One of the best partnerships in design, Charles and Ray Eames must have had some serious seventh house energy. This mobile was suspended in the couple’s Los Angeles apartment and (still in production) now brings balance to any room, while also showing the importance of working in tandem.

Nova Iridescent Mirror, Urban Outfitters ($49)

As the sign most connected to beauty, Libras don’t often shy away from their own reflection. Hang this iridescent mirror in an area that will catch the light and cast cool colors on the wall.

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