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If your kitchen is next on the remodel list, chances are it’s about to get a backsplash. We’re here to make it sure it gets a good one. In the photos that follow, you’ll find

kitchen backsplash ideas

“] for every taste. Black and white, copious color, and of course plenty of pattern. Click through, and happy pinning!

bold moves

We love the interplay of a bold print with an equally strong cabinet color. You might have thought this would be too much if you couldn’t see it in a real kitchen, but it totally works here.


“kenga” tiles

Sinuous, oversize helices with a glossy white counter would be even more dramatic accompanied by dark cabinets.

delicate prints

We love the subtly elegant nature of this demurely printed tile. It provides a cool contrast to the

open shelving


towering tiles

Don’t be afraid to carry your backsplash all the way up to the ceiling. Here’s your proof for why it works.


classic subway tile


subway tile

feels refreshingly new in a light blue tint and paired with an ebony work counter surface.

What you need to know about tile:

Affordable and heat- and scratch-resistant. Grout, however, requires cleaning and regular sealing to protect from stains, and ceramic tiles can chip.

modern hand-painted moroccan tiles

Laying the same tiles on counter and backsplash creates a seamless field (and we love the surprise of exotic, hand-painted Moroccan tiles in an all-white country kitchen).


graphic wallpaper

Let an exciting print do the talking. Overlay with glass to protect the wallpaper.

natural glass mosaic tiles

The mottled greens and yellows of a glass mosaic tile play off the sleekness of stainless steel.

natural “repose” tiles in clarity

A sky blue paired with a dusty brown below—it’s like a Western landscape.

(Want more colorful backsplashes? You’re in luck—we have more!)


classic homey butcher block

Homey butcher block against painted nail-in tin has a lived-in country look.

What you need to know about butcher block:

It requires regular disinfecting and wiping with mineral oil to prevent brittleness.

ceiling laminate

This wood-grain laminate is meant for ceilings but also makes a beautiful backsplash (you can paint it any color).

dreamlike blue

This backsplash goes all in with color, and we love the statement. This sink area is a perfect backdrop for a small home bar to take up residence on the counter.



Of course we had to have a marble moment. If tile isn’t your thing, here’s plenty of proof it doesn’t need to be.

modern laminate tiles

Two basic materials—4” x 4” tiles and an inexpensive laminate—that add up to the happiest kitchen ever.

What you need to know about laminate:

Cheap, stain-resistant and easy to clean, but doesn’t hold up to scratches or heat.

matching window frames

We love how the window frames took a cue from the color in the tiles here. They could have easily been left white, but this matching moment makes a much stronger statement.


reflective metallics

One of our favorite backsplash ideas ever, these metallic tiles are nothing short of showstopping. Which is probably why this backsplash actually makes for an entire wall.

classic white

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things cool and classic. White tiles provide a beautifully clean backdrop for the kitchen.

colorfully adorned

The backsplash is a great way to make your kitchen remind you of travel and journeys you’ve loved. Taking a cue from Morocco, this tile plays with color and pattern perfectly.

going all in

If a country kitchen is on the horizon from you, don’t be afraid to make major moves with color. (And if color is what you’re craving, there are plenty more backsplashes to check out here)!


geometry lesson

The repeating shapes in this kitchen provide a smart sense of continuity throughout. Definitely one to pin for ideas!

moorish-style cement tiles

These handmade Moorish-style cement tiles look great with a natural material like butcher block or marble.

carrera marble

In this ultrasophisticated combo, the shimmering steel countertop echoes the intricate veining of Carrera marble.

What you need to know about marble:

More porous than other stones (like granite), so it stains readily. Seal it every six months.


a big deal in a small kitchen

The glossy white tiles here really help to open up this mini kitchen into seeming much more substantial than it is.

teal tiles

Cool teal hues add a sense of imperfection and interest to a kitchen that’s otherwise pretty traditional.

shape sophistication

If traditional tile shapes bore you, forget ’em! There are plenty of shapes and patterns that will fit into the vision you have for your space.

Want more backsplash ideas? Of course you do. Check out more of our faves here and here.


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