Have you ever gotten in the groove of cooking only to realize you’re missing a vital tool? Your favorite knife is stuck in the dishwasher or you don’t have a fancy immersion blender, period. It happens to the best of us, including Kate Hudson. Recently, the actor took to Instagram to post a video of her rolling out pie dough with…a squash. Yep, a squash. 

A good rolling pin is like finding a diamond in the rough. The right one will roll smoothly and evenly (without having to use your entire body weight as an anchor), not weigh a million pounds, and fit perfectly in your kitchen drawer. Luckily for Hudson (and you), we’ve gathered our favorites—for holiday baking and beyond.

French Tapered Marble Rolling Pin, Williams Sonoma ($39)

True French pastry chefs prefer stone rolling pins to any other material. The weight and durability of marble is unmatched (not to mention the aesthetics). This one tapers at the ends for an easy grip.

Five Two Adjustable Rolling Pin, Food52 ($27 was $39)

Ideal for beginners, this wood option comes with adjustable thickness guides. No more guessing if your dough is thin enough.

Straight Rolling Pin, King Arthur Flour ($19)

King Arthur Flour’s recipes never fail, so it’s no surprise that its tools don’t either. This straight, extra-long rolling pin gets the job done with no fussiness.

Silicone Nonstick Rolling Pin, Amazon ($9)

Silicone is nonstick and heat resistant—great for pastry dough that needs to stay as cold as possible. The cover slides off for an easy clean.

Stainless Steel Rolling Pin, Amazon ($16)

For precise bakers, this rolling pin pulls double duty as a ruler, ensuring all the cuts you make are even.

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