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Welcome to 10 Things, where we ask our favorite creatives and tastemakers to share what brings joy to their lives (because it might enhance yours, too).

For Kara Mann, luxury isn’t just a lifestyle—it’s how you should live all the time at home. The Chicago-based designer, who launched her first collaboration with CB2 last fall, has returned with a new offering that levels up classic shapes, styles, and materials. (See: a statement-making bleached-wood bar, an ivory concrete floor lamp that looks like a piece of art, and a sleek alabaster catchall.) “I wanted to bring in refined fabrics and finishes that feel incredibly high-end but not fussy,” Mann says of the collection. And these pieces give us all of those feels. Here, she shares 10 things that make her happy.

Pizza Cutter, Chrome Hearts

Spinach and black olive pizza has been my best friend and worst enemy over the past year. I was given a Chrome Hearts pizza cutter as a gift and, let me tell you, pizza has never been so chic!

Pillow Lounge Chair, CB2 ($799)

Imagine being spooned by a giant pillow. Heaven.

Courtesy of Genieve Figgis

Genieve Figgis‘s art is so rich in texture and color, but it’s the dash of dark humor that always gets me. I’m obsessed. 

Codigo 1530 Rosa, Codigo

During COVID I discovered my new favorite drink: One Too Many Margaritas. My new favorite tequila is Codigo Rosa.

Wave Stemware, CB2, CB2 ($11)

Speaking of…since our homes have become our favorite bars, we need the glassware to match!

Slab Marble Kitchen Island, CB2 ($2,999)

The soft veining of the marble makes the island super-versatile. It’s…marbleous.

My Australian shepherds. You’re never bored when you have a dog.

Turn 4-Piece Ivory Sectional Sofa, CB2 ($4,196)

The couch is relaxed and refined; it’s cool but still perfect for cuddles.

Starting Over by Chris Stapleton, Amazon ($10)

I have “Cold” by Chris Stapleton on repeat. All. Damn. Day.

20″ Tuxedo Pillow, CB2 ($80)

This collection is made up of such gorgeous textures, colors, and materials. Linen fringe, leather trim, woven silk cord—they work just as well together as they do on their own.

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