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by  ANNA KOCHARIAN photography by HEIDI LAU interior design by LARK & LINEN

We love a good makeover, especially when it involves a total refresh. We caught up with Jacquelyn Clark, designer and founder of Lark and Linen, who gave us a peek at her latest project: a family-friendly home in desperate need of a light and airy refresh. As was the case with this Toronto home, a budding family of four found themselves within a space that hardly reflected their style. Take a peek at what happened when Clark gave the space a well-deserved redo!

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WHAT’S THE INSPIRATION BEHIND THE DESIGN OF THE SPACE? When we began, their home was a step up from builder-basic, but still lacked personality. With the exception of their amazing (and ridiculously comfortable) mint green sofa, their existing furniture was a mish-mash of pieces they had each acquired over the years. We knew from the get-go we wanted to infuse some life into the space, and make their entire home wow-worthy from the moment you walked in.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE AESTHETIC OF THE HOME? I often describe my design style as classic with a twist, and I feel like this home embodies that perfectly. I made sure to pick pieces that would last for the long haul – often choosing quality over quantity – and ensured that no single item felt overly trendy. The home itself already boasted some pretty amazing mouldings, and wonderful reclaimed wood floors.

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WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PART OF THE DESIGN? The Osborne & Little wallpaper, no question! The transformation was night and day. It instantly breathed life into their space the moment it went up.

WHAT WAS SOMETHING YOU SPLURGED ON FOR THE DESIGN? SCRIMPED? I always insist on splurging on lighting as it’s a surefire way to make a space feel sophisticated. In my experience, inexpensive lighting is the quickest way to devalue a project. In order to make up for the more splurgy light fixtures, we decided to spray their existing kitchen cabinets (in lieu of re-designing), and opted out of custom cushions. In most cases, I believe that really incredible fabric is a great place to splurge, but with two young kids at the helm in this instance, it made a lot more sense to buy off the shelves – and definitely helped keep the budget in check.


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WERE THERE ANY CHALLENGES DURING THE REDESIGN? Funnily enough, this project went off without a single hitch. I’m hesitant to say that out loud for fear of jinxing myself forever, but it was honestly a dream from start to finish. The clients and I clicked from the start, I couldn’t have asked for a better contractor, things arrived on time, on budget – it was a trifecta of perfection. One that I’m certain will never happen again, but I will remember it fondly!

WHAT’S THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU CAN GIVE SOMEONE, LOOKING TO UPDATE THEIR SPACE? Come up with a solid game plan that encompasses your entire space before making any big purchases or going forward on any costly plans. I always joke that interior design dollars are like wedding dollars – they never go as far as you’d like, and things add up lightning fast. It’s the whole measure twice, cut once adage. The same applies to your home.

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