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There is a certain style of furniture and decor that’s perfectly suited to trendy millennials, and it’s having a moment. It prioritizes clean lines, Instagram-friendly colors and patterns, and uncomplicated designs—somewhere between mid-century modern and Scandinavian. Now there’s a new company capitalizing on that aesthetic: introducing Inside Weather.

Launched this month, the San Francisco–based company is out to prove that ease and customization are not mutually exclusive. “Simply put, we started Inside Weather because there was not enough room for choice when it came to shopping for furniture at this price point,” explains CEO Ben Parsa. “Let’s just say that the furniture industry doesn’t exactly accommodate people who care about the way their furniture looks.”

Unlike most midrange flat-pack furniture companies, Inside Weather doesn’t offer a hyper-curated assortment of pieces. Rather, it’s gone in the entirely opposite direction, offering customers the luxury of choice: Each item can be completely personalized down to the table legs or armchair fabric. The result? Over three million unique items.

With a price point that averages around $798 for a sofa and $128 for a side table, a totally transparent production process that happens right in the Bay Area, and easy-to-follow instructions that ensure any item can be assembled in under 10 minutes, Inside Weather’s appeal to millennials is clear—especially those furnishing a space for the first time. It offers a “work with a designer” option where customers can get styling tips from in-house designers. Even that aspect is made for millennials: You can access that expertise via Instagram or even a text message.

Though it goes without saying that the need for affordable furniture that looks chic and won’t cause you a stress ulcer to assemble isn’t exclusive to the younger generation. While those starting to get into design will definitely appreciate the guidance and options offered by Inside Weather, even seasoned pros will find something to love among the product selection.

And as for the style, it’s perfect for that aforementioned colorful contemporary style. “Much of the line is Scandinavian and mid-century styled. Some of our pieces are inspired by classic designs that will be instantly recognizable,” says Jessica Sutton, Inside Weather’s head of merchandising. Though that’s not to say that people with different personal styles won’t find something: “Our products, and the options that go along with them, are versatile enough to create something that will fit seamlessly into any design style, whether it’s bohemian, contemporary, art deco, etc. What inspires the line is ultimately left up to the inspiration of our customers.”

For example, a bohemian maximalist might choose a credenza with a colorful monstera leaf print on the front to play against the live greenery inhabiting a space. If you love deco, you’ll love the geometric abstract “Modern Mashup” pattern for your end table. On the hunt for something sophisticated yet simple? You can’t go wrong with a cushy armchair with mod velvet upholstery.

There’s even an ethical component to the company that eco-conscious shoppers will love: Since everything is built on-demand, there isn’t any excess waste filling landfills. It’s a win-win all around.

Not sure where to start your custom furniture order? Here are a few of our favorite combos.

Soba Sofa 489270, Inside Weather ($1,348)
Sloan Credenza 145103, Inside Weather ($618)
Levi Armchair 329304, Inside Weather ($448)
Elle Side Table 751279, Inside Weather ($108)
Vita Lounge Chair 889643, Inside Weather ($398)
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