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We get it, shopping at IKEA can be overwhelming. When it comes to everyone’s favorite Swedish superstore, you could always turn to their trusty bestsellers, but then you risk a cookie-cutter, Ivar-cabinet filled-living room that doesn’t leave much space for personality. And sure, you could always scroll through the seemingly endless options of hack-worthy projects, but if you don’t have a degree in DIY, they can seem daunting. Instead, we suggest you could look inward (er, upward?) and allow the stars to lead you towards totally personalized picks. That’s right, we’re talking astrology. Read on for which IKEA product you should buy, according to your zodiac sign, for a look that’s all you.


Brusen Outdoor Sofa, Ikea ($279)

A fire sign through and through, you’re known for making design choices as bold as you are. Add a few funky pillows to this powder-coated piece (may we suggest contrasting cobalt?) and you have the perfect setup on which to dream up your latest project. 


Godmorgon Sink Cabinets, Ikea ($528)

Fellow bulls can agree: A place to house your many self-care products (in an earth sign–friendly sage hue, no less) always tops your wish list. Store bulky items, like a hair dryer or extra towels, in the extra-deep bottom drawer, while the top two, with added dividers, are a dream come true for your 30-step skin-care routine.


Billy Bookcase, Ikea ($291)

It’s time that your insatiable appetite for knowledge found a place to call home. A massive shelving system will protect your treasured reading materials, and its adjustable structure makes for a versatile setup to fit the ever-changing needs of an air sign.


Kallna Glasses, Ikea ($7)

Home-loving Cancers will find themselves eager to host when socializing kicks back into high gear, which is why now is the time for a major glassware revamp. Pair these with colorful plates for an inviting spread that keeps guests coming back for more. 


Liholen Mirror Set, Ikea ($13)

Never one to shy away from your own reflection, you’ll find these handy twin mirrors an ideal addition to feed your vanity and your Instagram grid. And if you can’t get enough of eyeing your mug (you’re a Leo for a reason), slip a Polaroid in the stand, too. 


Malm Storage Bed, Ikea ($499)

While sleeping on an undercover storage unit might not be everyone’s cup of tea, for practical Virgo it might just lead to the best sleep of your life. Hide everything from seasonally inappropriate clothes to the old pro-con lists you can’t bear to part with yet. 


Ypperlig Table Set, Ikea ($585)

Love obsessives will never say no to an ambient candlelit dinner. Sweet-smelling floral arrangements and a delicate white tablecloth will perfectly complement this natural table setting.


Henriksdal Bar Stool, Ikea ($95)

As the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, you’re keen on embracing the unexpected, which is why velvet barstools are your ideal kitchen addition. And if you spill some red wine on the seat covers? Worry not—they’re washable. 


Raklev Rug, Ikea ($40)

Last year’s lack of travel was particularly hard on wanderlust-filled Sagittarius, but until your passport is back in action, you can at least shop with adventure in mind. This multihued jute rug, handmade in India and Bangladesh, will be the optimal conversation-inspiring piece for your entryway.


Svalnäs Workspace, Ikea ($306)

Embrace your workaholic tendencies with a shelf-and-desk system that will make those late nights hunched over a laptop more enjoyable. On the shelves house your favorite books and photographs to remind you of life outside the office. It might even encourage you to take a break every now and then. 


Symfonisk Table Lamp, Ikea ($189)

The forward-thinking air sign has never met a gadget they don’t like. This lamp, which also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, not only seamlessly integrates your technology into your space but also looks futuristic enough to satisfy your unique tastes. 


Vedbo Armchair, Ikea ($299)

Whether you’re curling up with a good book or journaling through your many thoughts and feelings, as a sensitive water sign you’re always looking for a place to unwind and relax. A pastel-hued armchair with an extra-cushy seating pad is the place to do it, and with a patterned rug underneath it will brighten up any space. 

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