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A bedroom wouldn’t be complete sans a nightstand – and for those of us who choose to live within a perfectly minimalist space – it’s a chance to usher in a bold pop of color or a decorative element of contrast. Looking to bring said details into a space of our own, we no doubt turned to IKEA for a little inspiration: a hack was in order! Focusing on the Nornas nightstand, our DIY entailed a bright splash of color and a handful of mod updates. Here’s what we did!

Photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK Imagery by Aaron Bengochea


– Nornas nightstand – Pretty Pegs, Arthur 135 legsUniversal fitting plates – Paint, two shades – White spray paint – Black, acrylic paint – Paint brushes – Painter’s tape


By opting for a two-tone scheme, we established a dynamic sense of depth to the piece. We painted the outer sides of the nightstand in a single layer of Benjamin Moore’s Pink Peony. This allowed the organic details of the wood to subtly show through, resulting in a rustic-esque finish.


We painted the inner sides of the nightstand in Benjamin Moore’s Tippy Toes, for a subtle yet complementary color contrast.

Photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK Photography by Johnny Miller

Spray paint the backboard using the white spray paint. Using a ruler, measure out 1-inch marks along the edges of the backboard, eventually connecting the marks, to form a grid.

Photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK Photography by Johnny Miller

Wrap the tips of the peg legs using the painter’s tape, and paint the top halves with a single layer of the lighter shade of pink. Once all of the pieces have thoroughly dried, assemble the nightstand according to the directions provided – with the exception of the legs.

Affix the Universal fitting plates to the bottom of the nightstand – refer to the directions provided along with the plates. Alternatively, you may simply drill a shallow hole into the bottom of the nightstand, and insert the peg legs into the holes using the hardware provided.

Photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK Photography by Johnny Miller


Bedding Classic Core Sheet Set,


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Fall Throw Blanket, Brooklinen  |


Blue Cactus, Minted  |


Opal Amaryllis, LAFCO

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