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It’s no news that we’re big fans of IKEA. How could we not be? When it comes to elevated design at low price points, the Swedish retailer is the clear winner. Our love affair only grows fonder when we’re in search of ways to give our rental a wallet-friendly upgrade. 

Take the bathroom: If you’re looking for a sleek hook to hang your towels, a place to store all those sheet masks, or even a new wall light to help you look your best when getting ready in the morning, chances are you can find it all on the Scandi brand’s website. You may discover something you didn’t even know you needed. Here are 13 of our favorites—make a trip to IKEA for a few and transform your space in an afternoon.

Sammanhang Glass Box, Ikea ($6)

Now cotton swabs and hair ties have a chic home.

Skogsta Stool, Ikea ($25)

Give your plant or stack of towels a prime spot on this small stool.

Vikfjärd Washcloth, Ikea ($3)

Up your towel game with something colorful (and boasting a hook for easy hanging).

Ragrund Chair With Towel Rack, IKEA ($60)

A chair and towel rack in one piece of furniture? Sold.

Raskog Utility Cart, Ikea ($30)

If you still need more storage, consider this tiny blue caddy on wheels for holding anything from hairspray to washcloths.

Vitemölla Wall Lamp, Ikea ($25)

Set this mirror on your vanity or hang it on a wall, and the stand becomes a shelf.

Lierskogen Valet Stand With Mirror, Ikea ($79)

Who needs storage under the sink when you have this mirror, which comes with tiny compartments for makeup and hanging rods for washcloths?

Fryken Set of 3 Boxes With Lids, IKEA ($16)

This trio of baskets is perfect for stowing the small items you’d otherwise leave lying around, such as earrings and lip balms.

Segersjön Tray, Ikea ($8)

Use this rust-colored tray to corral the products you reach for every day, like hand cream and perfume.

Saxborga Set of 5 Jars With Lids and Tray, Ikea ($15)

Keep all your grooming essentials neatly tucked away in this stackable set of cork containers.

Emten Bath Mat, Ikea ($10)

Your space will look all kinds of chic with this lavender bath mat (and your cold toes will thank you).

Kämpig 3-Arm Swivel Hook, Ikea ($13)

Place this multipurpose hook on the back of your door to hang anything from a plant to a bathrobe.

Saxborga Storage Box With Mirrored Lid, Ikea ($20)

This makeup box’s lid does double duty: When it’s not hiding your blush, you can lean it in the container to use the mirror as a mini vanity.

Now that’s a rental bathroom makeover we can get behind.

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