Published on June 7, 2019

If you pause to think of Father’s Day gift ideas for a moment, you’ll probably have visions of funny ties, patterned socks, and punny beer mugs dancing around in your head. Or you’ll picture the latest grilling tool kit that’s in every TV ad between the months of March and July. But is this what dads actually want for Father’s Day? Have we distilled dads to just be funny, tie-wearing, barbecue enthusiasts?

We think there’s more to Father’s Day gifts than “Dad of the Year” coffee mugs and “Make Your Own Hot Sauce” kits, so we asked the coolest dads we know what they actually want this year. Turns out, 50 percent of them want the same thing (but it might cost you): a chic vintage watch. But if that’s out of the question (or the budget), fear not. They’re equally happy with a song or a walk through their local museum. Find out what Nate Berkus, Jeremiah Brent, Robert Novogratz, and more want this Father’s Day—and gather a few crafty ideas for the dads in your life.

Carlos Naude, cofounder and creative director of ACE Content

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Courtesy of Carlos Naude

The best Father’s Day gift I’ve ever received: “I’m a new father so I’ve only really had one Father’s Day, but the gift was amazing. My wife surprised me with a day trip to drive dune buggies in Pismo Beach [California].”

What I really want this year: “I love to receive experiences more than physical stuff. Perhaps motorcycle track racing lessons? Although a Rolex Submariner wouldn’t be a bad idea either.”

Devin Kirk, vice president of merchandising at Jayson Home

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Courtesy of Devin Kirk

The best Father’s Day gift I’ve ever received: “This leather cooler. Man, I love this thing. It just gets better and better the more you bring it to the beach. My kind of family heirloom.”

What I really want this year: “OG Classic Checkerboard Vans. My son Harry just got his very first pair of OG Vans. I don’t know which of us will get a bigger kick out of sporting matching shoes all summer.”

Robert Novogratz, The Novogratz

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Courtesy of Robert Novogratz

The best Father’s Day gift I’ve ever received: A painting my son Wolfgang had made for me by a friend of his, thanking me for helping him with his journey as an elite basketball player.”

What I really want this year: “As we get older, I feel we need less and have been downsizing on ‘stuff ’ of late. Yet being a designer, I tend to like nice things, so I’d love this watch. I have always loved Steve McQueen and always wanted his signature Tag Heuer Monaco watch. I’ve never owned a watch and probably would never even wear this one for fear of losing it, but man, it’s cool.”

Nate Berkus, Nate & Jeremiah by Design

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The best Father’s Day gift I’ve ever received: “A special video from Jeremiah the year our daughter, Poppy, was born.”

What I really want this year: “I really want a Dyson mini vacuum (it’s the triple Virgo in me)!”

John Gachot, cofounder of Gachot Studios

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Courtesy of John Gachot

The best Father’s Day gift I’ve ever received: We’re a pretty close-knit family. The boys and I make it a point to spend time together on the weekends, going to a movie or a museum, making meals, or hanging out by the pool or fireplace. For Fathers’ Day, we typically start at the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where the summer installation is usually just opening. Last year, they gave me a day off with a free pass to the Shibui Spa at the Greenwich Hotel, and I was pretty excited. It’s close enough to walk over early, go for a swim, have tea, and then relax [while getting] one of New York’s best massages.”

What I really want this year: I have had my eye on this vintage steel-faced Omega at Todd Snyder. It’s from the 1940s, with a very classic style and a ‘less is more’ aesthetic. The clean Arabic numerals with leaf hands stand out against the serene silver dial. But I’ll settle for a walk to the Met!”

Tyler Hays, founder of BDDW

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Courtesy of Tyler Hays

The best Father’s Day gift I’ve ever received: “I generally try to let the kids off the hook. I’m allergic to obligatory gift giving and never want them to feel a burden to be nice to me, but I must be an all right dad because they always come through. For instance, I sleep in my birthday suit and the kids learned early on to knock before barging in on a sleeping dad’s half-blanketed 50-year-old man body. One year, they gifted me an ‘anti-nudity bed apron’ made out of an old apron decorated with markers.”

What I really want this year: “I always ask for a song. Anything that the kids don’t have to buy or put any time into. I say, ‘Sing me a song, any song, good or bad.’ It sounds boring, but if giving gifts isn’t fun, then it’s not gift giving, it’s love extortion.”

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