Photography by Brittany Ambridge

The key to stunning interiors these days is carefully crafted styling.It looks easy until you give it a try. How does one obtain a nicely styled room without looking over done? The key is scale.

Start with a console. Once you have your main furniture piece, top it with artwork or mirror that is only a few inches shorter than the width of your console. From there, you can begin layering.

how to style a console

I always like to have a stack of interesting books with a small sculptural piece. Layer art by leaning something smaller against the larger piece. This creates a more “found” look. Consider adding a live plant, never anything fake. An orchid is always beautifully modern.

Top your console with a source of light and if your piece is open, I highly recommend placing ottomans beneath. It’s a practical way to add additional seating as well as another punch of color. There you have it!

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