Published on July 30, 2015

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Photography by Casa Sugar
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Photography by Apartment Therapy

on the grid

A headboard that doubles as a statement wall? Count us in. Recreate this dynamic backdrop by installing a floor-to-ceiling copper sheet grid.

Here’s how.

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form and function

A gilded frame set against a bold backdrop provides an elegant touch to a daring space. Complement the decor with a dual-tone set of contemporary linens in a satin finish.

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Photography by Decorative Bedroom

bookworm bias

An eclectic collection of resourceful titles contribute a layer of depth to a minimalist space. Bonus points for covers in coordinating hues. 

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Photography by Casa Sugar

room with a view

A pair of arched windows in a patina finish add a rustic charm to this dreamy bedroom setup. 

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Photography by Lucas Allen

fab fitness

Vintage leather gymmats steal the spotlight in this ultra chic space. Pair them with an eclectic assortment of contemporary furnishings for a drool-worthy bedroom setup.

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Photography by Remodelista

the exotic escape

Disguise an unsightly background with a chic
Moroccan wedding blanket
or rug. The intricate composition of the piece will lend a textured accent to your decor for added depth.

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through the looking glass

An oversized mirror
with an antique finish adds an elegant touch to a classic space. Position the piece to face a window, allowing light to radiate throughout the room. Check your local flea market or vintage shop for a similar find!

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Photography by apartmenttherapy

hang free

Bulky furniture not your thing? Skip the headboard all together and opt for a
whimsical wall
with a charming tassel garland instead.

See more of this gorgeous bedroom 

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Photography by Pinterest

shelf life

When it comes to small-space living, multi-functional pieces are key. This clever piece (that triples as a headboard, closet, 
room divider!) certainly does the trick. 

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Photography by Pinterest

Get the scoop on this clever DIY 

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Photography by Inside Out

wood work

Strips of reclaimed, whitewashed wood lend a rustic touch to the industrial chic aesthetic of this room. Recreate the look with a set of two-by-fours from your local hardware store.