Photography by none Photography by Brittany Ambridge

photography by  MICHAEL WILTBANK written by  ANNA KOCHARIAN

Photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK Photography by Brittany Ambridge

The secret to the perfect

gallery wall

not only lies within the art, but within the canvas onto which it’s built. A carefully chosen wall color can establish a visually defining element to spotlight the collected works of art, accentuating the vibrant brilliance of each piece. HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams has 16 designer-inspired Color Collections, each with 20 colors that work perfectly in any combination, taking the guesswork out of choosing colors for your walls & décor. We chose the dreamyHGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Perfectly Polished Color Collection to paint our walls and to inspire the artwork for three curated [%995%] , with artwork from Artfully Walls™. And with HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams INFINITY


paint, you’ll get Complete One-Coat coverage. In this video, we’ll show you three different hanging techniques that you can try in your own home. Try any combination of the featured artwork, along with your Perfectly Polished Color Collection paint color of choice, for a harmonious look. Have a look!




Consider this color a chic alternative to a basic neutral. Complement and contrast Romance’s hue with soft pinks and vivid blues. The contrast of colors creates a chic palette, just like the HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Perfectly Polished Color Collection!


  1. Place a horizontal line in the middle of your wall, using painter’s tape
  2. Place your largest piece off-center, below the line
  3. Place your next largest piece above the line, so that it’s slightly overlapping your bottom piece
  4. Continue hanging largest to smallest, from the center out


(top row, left to right) Trays in Buenos Aires by Sivan AskayoBikes in Paris by Sivan AskayoSummer Dream by Iris Lehnhardt

(bottom row, left to right) Sanctuary by Catherine McDonald , Summer Sky III by Suzanne Harford , Santa Monica No. 16 by Catherine McDonald 




For a more subdued palette, opt for this sophisticated base. Black accents and hints of colors elevate Bohemian Black’s tailored tone through muted hues and moody prints. Looking for a lighter wall color? Take your pick! These prints would pop on any color from the HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Perfectly Polished Color Collection!

right angle

Map out a right angle on your wall, using painter’s tapePlace your largest piece in the cornerAnd your next largest piece beside itBlack accents will tie back to our wall colorStagger your smaller pieces to create a stairway effect ARTWORK FROM ARTFULLY WALLS 

(left to right) Bikes in Paris by Sivan Askayo , Syd by Ashley Woodson Bailey , White Peacock II by Christine Lindstrom , Fragile by Christine LindstromSlumber by Jan Weiss




This spashy color invites dreamy imagery. When it comes to the art, this vibrant wall color invites a surprising combination of colorful prints. Try this gallery wall on Sensuous Gray (SW7081) from the HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams Perfectly Polished Color Collection!


  1. Start with your largest piece and hang it in the area that you want to build the gallery wall around
  2. Use the next largest piece and hang it near the first frame
  3. Continue working in the smaller pieces around and out from the first two pieces


(clockwise, from top left)  Coney Island Beach by Sivan Askayo , Peony by Nell Waters Bernegger , Bathtub (Pink) by Emily Proud , happy days by Ingrid Beddoes , 11/24.18. by Beth Winterburn , All White by Erik Melvin