Published on August 23, 2017

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Photography by THREE POTATO FOUR

Buying a housewarming gift shouldn’t be hard, but sometimes even the best of us can get stumped. Think about it, you want to give a gift that’s thoughtful, original, something the giftee wants, and something that will also bode well with the rest of their home decor. It’s hard to hit all of those benchmarks! Luckily, we were up for the challenge. We went ahead and found the chic and thoughtful housewarming presents your giftee is sure to love. Take a look!

Key Tags Set of 3, $19.99

With phrases like “This Must Be The Place” and “Home Sweet Home” each of these hotel-inspired key tags make for a great housewarming gift.

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Photography by NEED SUPPLY

Lost in Lisbon, $12

Just as your giftee will soon become a local to their new city, neighborhood, or corner, give them a magazine curated by locals in Lisbon, Portugal. The well-designed cover means they’ll actually want to display this cool issue on their coffee table.

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Photography by AESOP

Resurrection Duet Hand Wash and Balm, $123

A hand lotion and hand cream set can be a great and useful gift — especially when the products are made of natural ingredients and the packaging is both clean and chic.

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Photography by ZARA

Frayed Flat Satin Slippers, $49.90

Similar to a robe, a pair of slippers can be another great housewarming gift, especially if your giftee has a “shoes off” home. The key to picking out a good pair slippers is making sure they’re super comfy and aesthetically pleasing. That way, the slippers almost become a piece of decor when left sitting out around the house.

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Photography by THE SILL

Staghorn Fern and August, $49

Bring some life into a new space with a low-maintenance plant that won’t cause any stress for your giftee. This fern is the ultimate low-maintenance option as it only requires water once a week and is pet-friendly.

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Photography by WOODLOT

Palo Santo Incense, $15

Burning Palo Santo will fill any space with an amazing smell, but perhaps even more intriguing is that Palo Santo is said to have energy cleansing properties, making it a great gift for someone moving into a new space.

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Photography by ZATISTA

Blood Pink and Grey Abstract, $187.99

It can be tough to buy art for someone else. That being said, the right piece can be a great gift. Try something simple and clean, that also adds a little color into their new space. This piece comes from the leading online curated art gallery, Zatista, which represents some of the most talented and established emerging artists from around the world, making it a special piece for anyone’s new home.

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Photography by SOLID AND STRIPE

The Erin Robe, $198

Let your friend truly make themselves at home with a gift they can wear whilst lounging about. A chic, comfy robe is never a bad move, especially when it looks good enough to wear out of the house, too.

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Photography by AMAZON

Amazon Echo Dot, $49.99; Philips Hue Starter Kit, $69.99

Hook ‘em up with a smart home under $150. The Echo Dot can set alarms, act as a speaker, tell you the weather, and when paired with Philips Hue, can even turn off your lights with a simple voice command.