Photography by life in grace Courtesy of KonMari

You’re hearing a lot about home monitoring & automation systems. They’re the biggest in-home trend since mid-century modern’s comeback, but do you really know why you need one? Not only do you need one, you need SAGE by Hughes (and you can enter to win one + $10k to spend on We know thinking of home monitoring & automation in terms of practical uses IRL can be tough, so we chose our favorite situations where Sage saves the day.

For instance: When the kids have no idea who ate all the brownies, you can use the

video playback 

feature to see who the real culprit is.

When your Bumble date comes over and you need an impressive conversation starter, you can easily

dim the lights

from your phone with your

SAGE by Hughes app



When your bestie flies in from Chicago and you won’t be home from work for another hour, just

unlock your door 

from your app and tell her to have a glass of wine waiting for you.

Photography by LONNY

When you miss your cat, use your

wireless camera’s live stream

to spy on her right from your phone.


When you’ve got the flu and getting out of bed to check the front door just can’t happen, easily

lock the door

from your phone or TV.

Photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE Courtesy of Genevieve Rosen-Biller

When you’re feeling pretty lazy RN and getting out of bed just isn’t happening,

lock the door 

from your phone or TV.


When only one of the dogs needs to be reprimanded for messing up the bed and you arrived at the crime scene too late…use the

video playback 

feature to see who is in need of a doggy timeout.

Photography by @@quaintrellebyab via Instagram

When you’ve ordered pizza but it’s also the time of day when door-to-door salesmen hit the streets, you can

see who rang your door bell

from your phone or TV.

Photography by Stadshem

When it’s Halloween and you’ve been handing out candy all night but now Scream 2 is on and you’re over it, you can

lock the front door 


turn off the porch light

all from your phone or TV.

Photography by SEAN LITCHFIELD / CHANGO & CO. Imagery by Madeline Montoya

When you’re on vacation in Nashville but a thief in Los Angeles really wants your flatscreen TV, the

motion sensors 

will send a

live feed



directly to your phone. With a touch of the


, the police will be on their way before he can escape.

Photography by APARTMENT THERAPY Photography and Design by Abby Clawson Low

When you’re binge watching Netflix and realize you haven’t seen the dogs in a while, you can quickly switch to

picture-in-picture view 

from the

live video surveillance feed. 

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

When someone keeps stealing your newspaper and you feel like playing detective, your

front door camera 

will let you know who to give side-eye to at the next block party.


When you’re a little warm but there are still fifteen minutes left in Game Of Thrones,

turn on the A/C

from your phone and carry on.

Photography by PLAIN ENGLISH. Photography by Working Holiday Studio

When your S.O. gets up for a midnight snack and is bumping into everything…grab your phone,

turn the lights on dimly

, and peacefully drift back to sleep.

Photography by TAMARA MAGEL

When it’s 3:00 AM and your city’s spring weather can’t make up its mind,

turn up the heat 

from your phone.

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