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Courtesy of Etsy; Set of 10 Gold Leaf Christmas ornaments

Move over, red and green: Etsy has released its 2021 holiday trends report, and number one on the list is a 47 percent increase in searches for “colorful, pastel, or neon holiday items” on its website. Vibrant tones aren’t just popping up on fashion runways; they’re paving the way for a festive end to this roller coaster of a year.

If you are planning on incorporating pastel blues, hot pinks, or highlighter yellows for your celebrations, note that brights look most sophisticated when paired with neutral colors and fabrics. For example, a natural linen tablecloth and napkins are just the right laid-back contrast to flashy neon candles. You don’t need to invest in a lot of pieces: We’ve rounded up some small details that will pop anywhere, from the table to the tree.

Conversation Starter

Flecked Pink Wreath, Etsy ($43)

Want to trade your traditional fir branches for a more vibrant (and durable) option? Look no further than these fluffy, handmade wreaths that come in two different color combinations.

Neon Vision

Dip Dye Candles Neon, 10 pieces , Etsy ($41)

For those who can’t choose just one hue, there are these ombré paraffin wax taper candles.

Bright Tree

Stained Glass Christmas Tree, Urban Outfitters ($29)

Stained glass, but for your dining table instead of the window. Just wait till it catches the candlelight.

Dazzling Glass

Colorful Glass Ball Ornaments, Set of 9, Anthropologie ($78)

A super-saturated, opaque take on your classic ball ornaments, with the hooks built right in.

Winter Wonderland

Modern Holiday Bottlebrush Trees (Set of 6), Food52 ($50)

These bottlebrush trees come in every shade of the rainbow, from seafoam green to peachy pink.

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