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Not all sales are made equal. Many feature only moderate price cuts that hardly make a difference in your shopping cart’s total. Others are full of big-ticket items with dramatic cuts (but still kind of expensive). Some, though, are an entirely different thing: a wide selection of modestly discounted small items that may not seem groundbreaking but include tons of hidden gems. Case in point: H&M Home’s summer sale.

In the sale, which includes products up to 50 percent off, you’ll find the occasional holiday product, now deeply discounted, along with classic home buys—duvet covers, throw blankets—that you can use year-round. But here’s the exciting part about H&M’s sale: Amid all of its offerings, the most delightful pieces are all under $10.

So what are you waiting for? Shop the best (and more affordable) finds below.

Cotton Velvet Cushion Cover, H&M ($5)

What’s this? You’ve grown tired of your throw pillow? Never fear, just cover it up with this punchy velvet pillowcase.

Hole-patterned Storage Basket, H&M ($7)

You need a designated place to stash your ever-growing pen collection, and this tray is the nicest storage solution you’ll find for $7.

Salt and Pepper Set, H&M ($9)

You don’t need marble countertops to make your kitchen look stately. These $9 shakers will instantly elevate your prep area and cost a fraction of what a remodel would.

Shallow Champagne Coupe, H&M ($5)

At just $5 a glass, these champagne coupes are worth a toast.

Small Glass Box, H&M ($8)

This small glass box costs just $8, so you’ll have cash left over if you want to buy a new trinket or two for inside—maybe some cool midi rings from H&M’s jewelry department?

Small Glass Vase, H&M ($4)

Get into the bud vase trend with a sweet and squat vessel that is less expensive than your daily latte.

Small Metal Tray, H&M ($7)

When you have a tray composed of other smaller trays in coordinating colors, the question is not: What would I do with this? The question is: What wouldn’t I do with this?

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