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While we were loving natural beauty, relaxing baths, and probiotics in 2017 (to name but a few), this new year is all about taking things up a notch—in the best way. With wellness becoming more mainstream than ever, we’re seeing more and more people looking for easy ways to incorporate healthy habits into their daily routines—from beauty and food to sleep and spirit—so it’s only natural that the

wellness trends

for this upcoming year reflect that ease and convenience.

Another huge focus is also internal: One’s thoughts and habits play a huge role in how a person feels, and the wellness trends of 2018 reflect that. After speaking to experts and doing tons of our own research on the topic, we’ve come up with the top wellness trends you should start getting into this year—they’ll make you feel better than ever.


We already know we shouldn’t check our phones or watch TV at night—the light interferes with your body’s circadian rhythm, thus making it harder to fall asleep. It seems, however, that people are realizing this more and more, and totally unplugging from daily life.

One of our writers recently realized the power of a social media cleanse, but there are also a number of wellness retreats focusing on a complete lack of cell service or WiFi in order to make unplugging easier than ever. But if all that seems too intense for you, just hit up a meditation studio: Those 30 minutes will have a bigger difference than you think. Interested in learning how to mediate? Check out our beginner’s guide for total relaxation.

Supplements for Mental Health

“People are seeing supplements to help as part of their wellness,” says Lauren Slayton, RD, MS, and founder of NYC-based nutrition service Foodtrainers. Previously seen as more to do with beauty, supplements are moving into the mental health realm, with people using them to treat a number of issues, including stress and bad moods.

Individuals are also looking specifically to see where their supplements come from: Katerina Schneider, founder and CEO of multivitamin company Ritual, explains, “Right now, we know where the ingredients in our food are coming from, but not our supplements. I believe more companies in the nutraceutical space will be honest and transparent about where everything in their products are coming from. It’s important for customers to have a sense of these things, especially since these are products that are being ingested every day. Ingredients that are not properly sourced and tested can be at risk for micro toxins, heavy metals, and microbes.”

Some other Domino favorite vitamins include magnesium-based supplement Calm for anxiety, and Hum for energy and relaxation.

Alternative Wellness Drinks

Slayton is certain coffee upgrades are in our future, beyond the already popular bulletproof trend. In addition, matcha and turmeric lattes are more popular than ever, and we see a lot more of these alternative wellness drinks becoming more mainstream: Just take a look at the tahini and lavender-infused blends at Chillhouse in NYC, or the rose-inspired tonics at Lifehouse Tonics in Los Angeles.

Sleep Technology

Ever since Arianna Huffington’s love letter to sleep, The Sleep Revolution, hit the shelves, sleep has finally gotten the priority it deserves. And companies are stepping up to aid in this as well: From sleep apps to mattresses, technology has hit every area of the sleep world, with interesting features that ensure a great night’s rest—companies like Tomorrow Sleep, Helix, and Eight Sleep incorporate things like temperature regulation and smart alarms, and Eight Sleep even works with Amazon’s Alexa to make sure your smart home is fully equipped with all the

sleep hacks

you might need.

“Now that online mattress shopping has become more mainstream, consumers will start to expect more from bed-in-a-box brands, opting for customized sleep systems over the standard one-size-fits-all model,” says Helix co-founder and sleep expert, Adam Tishman. “Whether it’s custom-made mattresses, specialty mattress covers (i.e. cooling, organic, smart-tech), or adjustable pillows, consumers will look for more options to personalize their sleep for optimal comfort.”


It isn’t just what you put in your body that makes a difference—it’s what you say and how you think. Manifestation rituals are therefore going to be huge in 2018, with the power of positive thought truly resonating with people. Books like Gabrielle Bernstein’s just-released Judgement Detox and websites like Black Girl in Om are also finally reaching mainstream audiences, in order to teach people the importance of spirituality.

Reducing Negative Energy

Another deeply spiritual notion, a focus on changing the energy around oneself has also been prevalent—think the prominence of crystals (which help promote positive energy) and Himalayan salt lamps (which work to give out negative ions in the air, thus clearing it of pollutants and toxins). People are becoming more aware of the power of their energy, as seen by the popping up of Himalayan salt therapy rooms and body balancing stickers.

Lunar Cycle Awareness

While we’ve been focusing on our horoscopes (and that dreaded Mercury retrograde) for quite some time now, it’s time to realize exactly how the power of the moon can really affect… well, everything.

Devon Loftus, founder of Moon Cycle Bakery, a healthy bakery that delivers treats to women on their periods, explains to Domino, “In ancient times, a woman’s bleeding was considered a cosmic event, relating and connecting to the lunar energy of the moon. Ovulation typically took place during the full moon, when feminine energy is at its peak, and menstruation typically took place during the new moon, when feminine energy is at its lowest.”

Another way to harness the power of the moon? Through women’s clubs—focusing on getting together to empower one another, organizations like Moon Club teach women how to harness the power of the lunar cycle, and set intentions for a brighter future.


Yes, CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant—but it won’t get you high. That’s the job of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, another chemical compound found in cannabis. CBD oil, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive, and instead works to relax the muscles, stimulate appetite, and provide pain relief (among many other things).

People are definitely taking note: It’s now being found in chocolate, beauty products like lip balm and lotion, and even on its own. Its soothing properties are promising a new kind of calm—one that’s totally safe and legal.

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