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Finding the perfect sofa is easier said than done. So many elements come into play: style, comfort, size, price, quality—it’s rare to find one that checks every box. But our very own Kate Berry recently found her sofa soul mate—the kind you read about in books—and she’s spilled all the details on what made it the one

Like all great love stories, it was one of first sight—the seed initially planted while styling Domino contributing editor Jordan Ferney’s home tour. Having been used to fluffing to perfection for the shots, Ferney’s Hay Mags Sofa was already photo-ready, thanks to its taut fabric. Really, you could jump up and down on it and there still wouldn’t be a wrinkle in sight. But don’t be fooled by the structured design—the cushion was plenty comfortable for lounging.   

At the time, the Berrys were living in what Kate describes as a “shoebox-size apartment” and making it work with their two-seater roll-arm sofa from Suite NY. They were just a family of two when they first acquired the petite sofa, and it was perfect at the time. But as their family grew, their needs changed. When they moved into a larger apartment with their 8-year-old daughter (plus their newest feline addition), it was time for a bigger sofa. 

While Ferney owned the original model, Kate opted for the Mags Soft Low Sofa—she favored something with rounded edges to blend with her more classic style. There are 28 fabric options to choose from, but Kate knew right away that she wanted the cream bouclé (officially called Flambier A5 Cream). “Because the sofa is so large, I wanted something a little more nubby and substantial to support its scale, without bringing in a print,” she explains.  

The textured fabric also mixes well with Kate’s enviable throw pillow collection, which, similar to her wardrobe, she switches out seasonally. While she’s all about whimsical florals and graphic ginghams in the summer, metallic brocades and striped velvets take over in winter. And bouclé is the perfect backdrop for it all. 

While the sofa is made for relaxing, Kate actually spends the majority of her workday there. Long enough to really spread out (it’s nearly 10 feet), she’ll use trays to organize paperwork and then prop her laptop on the armrests—they’re conveniently wide enough to hold a computer. And just like that, working from home is again novel.  

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