While we love a pennant or movie poster as much as the next person, finding affordable wall art outside of those categories is difficult. H&M clearly agrees; the brand tapped three female-run art studios to design its latest home collection, available today both online and in stores. The limited-edition drop, For the Love of Art, showcases the artists’ individual styles in their signature mediums. Parisian pottery duo Sacrée Frangine brought their minimalist lines to neutral-hued vases and candles; Brazilian illustrator Brunna Mancuso created a series of coordinating, vibrant portraits; and Nigerian textile designer Diana Ejaita developed graphic and colorful throw pillows and blankets. 

The wildly affordable price point is a major bonus. Mancuso’s 20-by-28 pieces are $30, while Ejaita’s geometric wool blankets are only $70—they’re reversible, which means you get two throws in one.

Each of the three creators was inspired by the world around them, whether it be remembering to take a breath for Sacrée Frangine or Mancuso’s experiences with femininity. “We are so powerful and delicate at the same time. I like to explore that through expressive brushstrokes, the textures, the shapes, and the colors,” says Mancuso. Your gallery wall—and your wallet—thank you in advance for bringing home one such experiment.

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