Your nephew got accepted into five colleges. Your sister graduated cum laude. Your BFF just got another degree. You’re pretty darn proud. And need something amazing (as in: unique, unexpected, and useful) to give the grad. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

He’s always losing track of his stuff? Give him something to keep his cards, cash, and phone in one place.

Your wish: To decorate that drab dorm room for her. Our solution: A room-in-a-box, which includes bedding, picture frames, pillows, coasters, and more.

Time to make the bed. Or give them some stylish incentive for changing the sheets.

Roomy enough for stashing a weekend’s worth of clothes (or dirty laundry).

Not even her Instagram addiction can take the place of her need to have photos displayed around her apartment.

A date he won’t forget. A nickname he’ll never outgrow. Personalize this leather flask with a message (up to 10 characters) that he can take on the road.

A lesson she probably didn’t learn in college: A gorgeous stovetop casserole will steal the attention away from that so-so stew.

Let them whip out their mini in something not so plain (or predictable).

Small-space dweller? Here’s a walnut-wood piece with just a hint of color.

She’s done with solids. Call in the colorful stripes.

No matter where she’s off to (campus, career path, Costa Rica), this cool-as-can-be carryall will make the transition in style.

While you can’t guarantee the fridge will be stocked with fruits and veggies, you can be sure there’s cold-brewed coffee.

Uh-oh: She’s locked herself out of her new place again. At least give her something to hold on tight to.

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