Photography by Michael wiltbank Photograph © Rebecca Reid

We caught up with this fearless designer, for a glimpse inside her stunning NYC apartment and to learn a bit more about her ultra chic design aesthetic.

Photography by Michael wiltbank

What makes you stand out in your industry? / What sets you apart from what everyone else is doing?

I am focusing on making pieces that will be a part of a woman’s life forever. I try to customize my fabrics and use truly unique textiles when I can so that there is literally nothing like it in the market. We make all our prints in house each season, we laser cut things, we bond, we pleat, stitch, and embroider to make everything special. It’s in the details for me – subtle but powerful. I think KAELEN is different because we appeal to women who want the quality and timelessness of exceptional finishings and attention to detail, but we also have novelty elements that evoke emotion and excitements. It’s a balance that we hit well, I think.

Photography by Michael wiltbank photography by laure joliet
Photography by Michael wiltbank Photograph © Rebecca Reid

What inspires you?

Fabric! I am obsessed with it. I love finding the perfect textile or making it, if I can. That’s at the core of each season. I am trying to take the pressure off of myself on having a super literal inspiration each season and just focusing on what is truly inspiring to me, which is sometimes hard to articulate. I also find it inspiring to collaborate with other people or even just hang out and talk shop. It’s amazing what comes of it. I’m not one of those people who needs to be alone when I’m trying to be creative. I think being with like-minded people helps push you into the zone if you’re having a hard time getting there on your own.

Photography by Michael wiltbank © Greco Disco – The Art and Design of Luke Edward Hall, published by teNeues, $65,
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