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I have a confession to make: I have never read my horoscope. I don’t believe a backward-moving Mercury is a sign of impending doom. Furthermore, I don’t understand what business the sun has with determining certain characteristics, like whether or not I possess good organizational skills and an innate knack for justice. Suffice it to say, for better or worse, astrology is not my thing, so no one was more surprised than me when a recent decor trend started filling up my bookmarks folder. The trend in question? Galactic decor. Inspired by all things groovy and celestial, it feels like the latest in funky, irreverent design, and I can’t get enough.

My personal investment in this trend began with the discovery of Budapest fashion brand Nanushka’s cosmos-inspired ceramic goods. Each of their coffee cups features a slightly different color palette, and comes in a wildly diverse range (they have tiny mugs specifically made for matcha, latte, and matchalatte—how entirely unnecessary yet delightful!). They all, however, share a similarly galactic look. It’s like the Milky Way has been painstakingly painted onto each vessel, the effect of which is almost mesmerizingly beautiful.

This fleet of celestial ceramics sent me into a rabbit hole of similarly galaxy-inspired decor items. Some are more on the nose than others, but no matter: It turns out there are plenty of ways to bring this otherworldly trend home. Below, a few favorites.

For a celestial start to your morning

Ambrosia Disk, Concrete Cat ($200)

Add a galactic kick to your breakfast buffet with this cool lazy Susan. It’s described as being “a portal into another dimension,” which is exactly the kind of drama that’s been missing from most kitchen accessories. Each of these concrete discs is handcrafted, and the attention to detail in the color gradient makes each one special.

For when you need a hit of vitamin D

Radiant Table Lamp, MoMA Design Store ($132)

Inspired by a partial solar eclipse, this iridescent lamp is the perfect nightstand accessory. Play up the dreamy pastel hues by incorporating like colors around the lamp—a pale pink bud vase, for example, or an aqua photo book.

For when you’ve had it with your drab rental

Orion Wallpaper, Calico

Few things can completely change the vibe of a room like a transformative wallpaper, and Calico’s galaxy-inspired papers are just the ticket. The “Orion” print is perfect for an accent wall in your living room, as the backdrop for an equally futuristic-looking seating option. Pair it with a sofa that’s tubular or sculptural and you’re ready for takeoff.

For when you can justify a splurge piece

Round Black Iridescent Bowl, Katherine Gray ($1,040)

Listen, we know this iridescent bowl is definitely an investment, but this Katherine Gray piece more than makes up for its price tag in its craftsmanship. She used NASA-developed technology to create the oxidized look, making for one very literal interpretation of the galactic decor trend. Use it is a centerpiece on your dining room table or as a decorative objet in your living room that you’ll love for years to come.

For when your bedroom could use a bit of drama

Rainbow Iridescent Headboard, Urban Outfitters ($399)

Who needs a bulky bed frame when individually sold headboards like this exist? For the unconventional decorator, it’s the perfect bit of otherworldliness to bring home. You can also use it strictly as wall art—albeit, very expensive wall art—by hanging it up solo. It almost looks like a portal into another world.

For when you want to make an entrance

Palais Garnier Pendant Lamp, Lasvit ($4,032)

Welcome guests to your little world with a statement-making pendant light placed smack in the middle of your entryway. This opulent chandelier is made from hand-blown crystal glass and it definitely brings the drama.

For when you return from your European vacation with a newfound love of espresso

“Moss” Espresso Cup, Nanushka ($56)

Upgrade your coffee bar (or coffee cabinet) with a stunning ceramic espresso mug. Pick up a few and keep them displayed prominently on your kitchen’s open shelving. After all, these Nanushka beauties deserve to be shown not hidden. They’ll kick-start your mornings on a positive note, making you feel like you’re sipping coffee at the chicest boutique hotel in Paris.

For upgrading your duvet

Oversized Cashmere Blanket, Martyn Thompson Studio ($2,500)

Luxe cashmere meets funky print in one oversize blanket. Swap your winter duvet cover for this to make the most of transitional spring weather. Whether your room is a simple white or a bold, saturated hue, the inky blue colors will pair perfectly with any palette.

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